The Emburse API

The first open corporate card API for virtual card generation and expense control.

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Create cards at scale for custom business solutions.

Emburse’s API enables the creation of expense cards at scale for custom business solutions and third-party app integrations. Cards can be created instantly with set spending limits and assigned with just an email.

Corporate Expenses

Create and enforce shared budgets for large teams, departments, and corporate events.

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Cards are usable in seconds

Cards can be created and assigned with just a name and an email. Accepted globally everywhere Mastercard is.

Automated reconciliation

Cards can be default tagged by expense category, project, or location. Emburse also has integrated receipt capture.

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Vendor Payments

Create one time use budgeted cards for B2B payments.

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No integration for the vendor required

Emburse virtual cards can be accepted as any other card payment.

Secure, worry free payments

No risk that the merchant can ever charge the card again.

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Fleet Management

Maintain full control of cards at all times.

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Exact value at the exact time

Cards are only active when orders arrive for the exact amount of the order. Merchant restrictions are also available.

Virtual or physical cards

Cards do not need to be assigned to specific individuals – Emburse supports “non-bearer” cards such as “Driver 321”.

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The first card platform with app integrations.

Integrated Purchase Order Flow

Slack users will soon be able to ping @emburse to request a new card for a specific amount. When an administrator approves, a virtual card is created instantaneously and shared via Slack.

Seamless Reconciliation

Users can also upload receipts, request balance updates, and categorize transactions.

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