Working From Home Hasn’t Prevented Some Wild Expenses in 2020

How has the pandemic impacted what business expenses people have submitted in 2020?
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How I did it: Making Purchases Easy for A Network of Volunteers
#cards  #expense  #customersuccess 

Apartment Life's Controller, Sommer Clayman, explains how Emburse helps more than 1,000 volunteers easily make purchases
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Be a Patriot. Go Vote.
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Emburse's CEO talks about why it's critical that team members are given enough time to vote.
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Heralding a New Era in International Expense Reimbursements for Abacus Customers
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Emburse Global Reimbursements, powered by TransferWise is the latest addition to the Emburse Pay suite of global payment solutions.
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What are the Benefits of Corporate Credit Cards?
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Corporate cards can help organizations in many ways - learn how a virtual credit card can benefit your company.
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COVID’s Impact on AP and Expense Processing

How have payments been impacted by the pandemic, and what can be done to resolve these challenges?
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How I Did It: Accelerating Change Turnaround Time by 600%
#services  #customersuccess  #humanizework 

ZS is a professional services consulting firm, with more than 7,000-plus ZSers in more than 25 offices worldwide. In this guest blog, Parikshit Bhatt, associate consultant at ZS, explains how implementing Emburse Solution Administrator boosted helpdesk support and prioritization.
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Chrome River or Concur – How to Decide Which Works Best for You

If you're after a global expense reporting solution, there are just two options, and Emburse's Chrome River is the clear choice.
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9 Signs it’s Time to Switch Expense Management Systems
#expense  #businesstravel 

How do you know when you should upgrade your expense solution? Here are some key areas to look out for.
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The End of the Line for Expense Receipts?
#expense  #innovation  #humanizework 

Could the paper receipt be a thing of the past for expense reports?
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