Emburse Signs Statement of Solidarity to Combat Racism

Nord Samuelson Nord Samuelson
With this move, we pledge our commitment to stand against racial and social injustice.

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At Emburse, we’ve placed a large emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion as an organization. There is no place for racism or discrimination of any type at Emburse, and we are committed to making our company, and the communities around us, places where hate and racism will not be tolerated. Our position on racism is -- “If we aren’t part of solving the problem, we take part in perpetuating it. We must take action inside and outside of our company to make meaningful change and unwind the impacts of systemic racism."

Emburse is co-headquartered in Portland, Maine, and earlier this month, the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce asked local employers to sign a statement of solidarity and commitment pledge to stand against racial and social injustice. We were honored and duty-bound to join this movement. This is more than a statement - it’s a call to action.

By signing the Standing in Solidarity statement, we pledge our commitment to adhere to the actions it outlines, including training and educating our workforce to ensure that we are operating with values and standards which advance racial equity and social justice.

Emburse is committed to being part of the solution. We intend to develop a workforce that reflects the communities we are a part of and strive to create a workplace where each unique employee can bring their full selves to work.

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