Emburse Solution Administrator - the Expense Admin’s New Best Friend

Ryan Plutnicki Ryan Plutnicki
Emburse Solution Administrator takes the burden away from expense and AP administrative staff by outsourcing many configuration changes to our team of experts.

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As Emburse’s chief customer officer, my thought every single day is “what can we do to make our customers’ experience even better?” Our laser focus on innovation certainly goes a long way to achieving this, and we continue to deliver solutions that make it even easier and faster to create, submit and approve expenses and invoices.

Streamlining the end-user experience may go a long way to achieving our overall goal of humanizing work, but we also know that there is another significant user demographic that interacts with our solutions - administrators. The individuals who make sure that all employees can use our solutions effectively, who add new users, and who make sure that any corporate changes are effectively implemented in their expense and AP automation solutions. This is why I’m delighted to announce the launch of Emburse Solution Administrator.

We created Emburse Solution Administrator (ESA) to take the burden away from expense and AP administrative staff by outsourcing a wide variety of configuration changes to our team of expert consultants. Changes such as approval workflows, policy updates or user management, which previously required an organization’s in-house expense system administrator to conduct manually, can now be handed off to Emburse’s dedicated team.

Our consultants, who are familiar with the customer’s specific business requirements, can take over these time-consuming, manual tasks, empowering in-house teams to focus on higher-value tasks. No more putting off tasks because you don’t have the time.

While removing the daily admin burden is certainly a huge help for many of our customers, ESA’s benefits stretch far beyond that. Our consultants are also your go-to resource for anything related to your expense and invoice solution. Whether it’s staying up-to-date on new capabilities that can help your organization get even more benefit from your Emburse solution, or dedicated education sessions on new features, our teams are there for you. Think of us as a Siri for expense and invoice automation!

In addition to these ongoing benefits, another huge advantage is that ESA subscribers can also get expedited handling of support cases, and a VIP phone number to discuss urgent cases.

We’re first launching ESA for our Chrome River customers - who are more likely to have a dedicated administrative contact overseeing their expense or invoice automation systems - and will be rolling it out across other solutions in the coming months.

If you’d be interested in learning more about ESA and how it could make your experience even better, click here, or contact your CSM.

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