Why COVID-19 is a Driving Force for Financial Process Digitization
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Learn how virtualizing your expense and invoice management processes can deliver immediate, lasting improvements.
1 min read

When Cash (Control) is King: Is Your Accounts Payable Strategy Optimized for a COVID-19 World?
#covid  #accountspayable 

How can organizations ensure that they have the visibility needed to make critical decisions?
2 min read

How We Did It: Supporting Front Line Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Outbreak
#covid  #expense 

A sudden transition to working from home meant that Compass Health Network needed to rapidly bring its expense processing online.
3 min read

Managing Traveler Safety in a Post-Coronavirus World
#businesstravel  #covid 

For organizations to remain strong when the COVID-19 begins to ease, business travel must restart. How can they do this safely?
2 min read

We Need to Think Again on Paper Stimulus Checks
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While many people can get their stimulus funds via direct deposit, checks are not the solution to reach others, cautions Eric Friedrichsen.
2 min read

What are the Biggest Work From Home Expenses?
#expense  #covid 

What types of expenses are employees submitting most often as they work from home?
2 min read

Establishing a Company Policy for Work from Home Expenses
#expense  #covid 

How can organizations ensure they maintain a strong expense policy while supporting their work from home employees?
7 min read

Supporting Work from Home Expenses with Emburse Cards and Abacus Expense
#cards  #covid 

Emburse is now offering free cards to help pay for work-from-home expenses.
1 min read

Keeping Customers Front and Center, Every Single Day
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As we continue to navigate this uncharted territory, we've leaned on our core values and mission to humanize work and improve our customers’ lives. Customers are at the heart of everything we do.
2 min read