Why COVID-19 is a Driving Force for Financial Process Digitization
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Learn how virtualizing your expense and invoice management processes can deliver immediate, lasting improvements.
1 min read

When Cash (Control) is King: Is Your Accounts Payable Strategy Optimized for a COVID-19 World?
#covid  #accountspayable 

How can organizations ensure that they have the visibility needed to make critical decisions?
2 min read

How We Did It: Supporting Front Line Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Outbreak
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A sudden transition to working from home meant that Compass Health Network needed to rapidly bring its expense processing online.
3 min read

Managing Traveler Safety in a Post-Coronavirus World
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For organizations to remain strong when the COVID-19 begins to ease, business travel must restart. How can they do this safely?
2 min read

We Need to Think Again on Paper Stimulus Checks
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While many people can get their stimulus funds via direct deposit, checks are not the solution to reach others, cautions Eric Friedrichsen.
2 min read

What are the Biggest Work From Home Expenses?
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What types of expenses are employees submitting most often as they work from home?
2 min read

Establishing a Company Policy for Work from Home Expenses
#expense  #covid 

How can organizations ensure they maintain a strong expense policy while supporting their work from home employees?
7 min read

Supporting Work from Home Expenses with Emburse Cards and Abacus Expense
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Emburse is now offering free cards to help pay for work-from-home expenses.
2 min read