Rethink Your Corporate Card Program


The way companies manage spend is changing. In a decade, we’ve evolved expenses from paper-dominated processes to relying on smartphones—yet there's much more we can do, even if we can't fully ignore receipts. With the right solution, that doesn’t have to be a permanent state. Many forward-thinking enterprises now embrace new technologies to further streamline the entire spend and reconciliation process.

Join Ted Power, Chief Product Officer at Emburse, and Roger Gu, General Manager of Emburse Cards, as they discuss the future of corporate payments, particularly in light of a year of remote work. They’ll share how the digitization of business processes has reshaped employee (and supplier) expectations.

Listen now to learn:

  • How the pandemic is rapidly evolving corporate card spend and expense management
  • Why accessible technology reshaped business processes globally
  • The unique differences in transaction data levels, and why it matters for CFOs
  • How unifying Chrome River EXPENSE and Emburse Cards give finance leaders unparalleled spend management capabilities
You’ll also learn why Emburse and Chrome River emphasize customer-focused innovation, and how that results in a more humanized working environment.


  • Ted Power, Chief Product Officer, Emburse
  • Roger Gu, General Manager, Emburse Cards

As Chief Product Officer, Ted is focused on improving every aspect of expense and invoice management across the organization’s suite of products.

Roger was one of the co-founders of the original "Emburse," a card startup that Certify/Chrome River acquired in mid-2019. He now leads card products across the newly rebranded Emburse.

Rethink Your Corporate Card Program