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See how Emburse humanizes work for our customers around the globe.

Customers are at the heart of all we do. Our mission is to humanize work by automating manual tasks, empowering employees and saving time, so you can focus on what matters most - your family, community, and more rewarding work.

At Emburse, we are accelerating innovation - faster than anyone else in the industry - across our portfolio of offerings to deliver significant value and benefits to you. Our solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs of companies of any size, industry or geography. Our user-friendly tools keep spending in compliance with corporate policies, while providing actionable insight to finance leaders.




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Some of our delighted customers include

Case studies and video testimonials

Case Study

With Abacus, Pinterest is able to present job candidates with a positive first impression of its corporate culture by providing a world class expense submission and reimbursement experience.

West Virginia University Foundation
Case Study

Chrome River enables West Virginia University Foundation to focus on its core mission of raising and disbursing charitable funds for the university, rather than being bogged down by tedious AP processes.

Northeast Treatment Centers
Case Study

Learn how Chrome River helped Northeast Treatment Centers gain AP efficiencies, so the nonprofit can focus more resources on helping the most vulnerable members of its community.

Allianz Partners
Case Study

With a company-wide initiative to optimize efficiencies, Allianz Partners implemented Chrome River and reduced expense report processing time by 90%.

Case Study

Learn how Garmin leveraged Certify to save 8+ hours per week that the AP team can now spend on more rewarding and strategic work.

Frisco First Baptist Church
Case Study

Nexonia empowers Frisco First Baptist Church to better serve its 2,900 member community by streamlining AP processes and saving the nonprofit 40 hours per week.

Preston Trail Community Church
Case Study

Learn why the CFO of Preston Trail Community Church selected Nexonia to automate expense reporting and improve spend visibility.

Buddle Findlay
Case Study

Chrome River eliminated the need for manual data-entry, allowing Buddle Findlay’s finance team to prioritize more rewarding work.

Austin Powder
Case Study

Learn how Chrome River saves Austin Powder time so they can focus on their core mission of powering global communities.

OKI Europe
Case Study

Learn how Chrome River helped OKI Europe gain efficiencies and insights, resulting in 20% reduced spending and 70% faster reimbursements.

Hall & Wilcox
Case Study

Hall & Wilcox needed a solution that could automate mundane AP tasks and give employees more time for more meaningful work.

University of Pennsylvania Health System
Case Study

University of Pennsylvania Health System relies on Chrome River for mobile, on-the-go expense and invoice management. Since implementing the solutions, the AP team has reduced time spent processing non-PO invoices by more than 50%.

ESG Automotive
Case Study

Discover how ESG Automotive leveraged Nexonia’s integration with Oracle NetSuite to drive productivity, expedite month-end close, and save finance 20+ hours per month for more strategic work.

Educational Alliance
Case Study

With Nexonia’s powerful Sage Intacct integration, Educational Alliance closes the month 66% faster, and catches 90% of errors before they even reach finance.

Gladstone Institutes
Case Study

Learn how Gladstone Institutes saves 10+ hours per month with expense management automation, so finance can focus on more strategic work.

Husch Blackwell
Case Study

Chrome River empowers Husch Blackwell to analyze T&E spend, drive AP efficiencies, and mitigate fraud – all while providing a best-in-class user experience.

McInnes Cooper
Case Study

After evaluating Chrome River and Concur, McInnes Cooper selected Chrome River for expense and invoice management – and they’re glad they did. Chrome River’s solutions delivered ROI in less than three months, and saved finance 20+ hours per month.

Schiff Hardin LLP
Case Study

Schiff Hardin LLP switched from Concur to Chrome River, and realized a return on investment in less than three months.

Global 500 Insurance
Case Study

With Chrome River, this Fortune 500 Insurance Company saved finance 10+ hours per week, enabled remote work, and improved the expense management process for its global workforce.

Customer Experience

Customers share what they feel sets Certify solutions apart - from implementation and support, to ease of use.

Jewish United Fund

Discover how Certify helps humanize work for the Jewish United Fund by eliminating manual processes.

Partner Engineering and Science

Partner Engineering and Science shares how Chrome River supports custom configurations to meet the unique needs of any organization.

FS Investments

Learn how Chrome River helps FS Investments scale AP processes, while saving valuable time and resources.

Walker & Dunlop

Walker & Dunlop shares its success story with Chrome River, including significant efficiency and mobility gains.


With expense and invoice automation from Chrome River, GrayRobinson can continue to grow while keeping costs flat.

We humanize work

Emburse humanizes work by automating manual tasks and saving users’ time, so they can focus on what matters most—their family, community, or more rewarding work. One of our customers explains how our mission makes an impact on their business.

What our customers love about us

“Chrome River saves us time so we can focus on our mission of building and improving communities around the world.”

-Shelton Palmer, Expense and Card Administrator
Austin Powder

“We went live six weeks ahead of schedule, and the implementation was extremely smooth. Our average lifecycle has gone down almost four-times since implementing Certify. That is pretty remarkable.”

-Tim H., Director of Corporate Systems
H&R Block, Inc.

“Certify has saved countless hours for the AP team and for associates submitting reports. We have more time to focus on upholding our travel policy and making sure associates get a timely and accurate reimbursement.”

-Kristi B., Accounts Payable Supervisor
Garmin International

“Nexonia has freed up at least half of my time to do other work now, and has reduced my stress levels by quite a bit.”

-Meg E., Head of People Operations
Pillow Homes

“Nexonia is very, very customer-centric and that goes all the way from the top right through to their customer service. Needless to say, we’ve been very pleased.”

-Tammy B., CFO
Preston Trail

“We don’t have time for inefficiencies, so anything that helps me focus on the important moving pieces and reduces noise is critical. Abacus helps me do that by letting me quickly review standard expenses within budget, and flagging ones that I need to dig into deeper.”

-Daniel K., Chief Operating Officer

"Employees love the simplicity and ease of the system. And as an administrator, I love the functionality of seeing expenses in real time."

-Matt H., Controller
Bark & Co.

“We run a lean operation, so any solution that we can use to minimize time and money spent on administrative work – both from our care professionals and our finance team – makes it easier for us to focus on our core mission of supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our community.”

-Robert F., Controller
Northeast Treatment Centers

"We were focused on finding an expense management system that our employees would love to use, while still giving us the control and analytics that we need."

-Kate S., Director, Global Travel and Professional Services

“It is exciting to partner with an innovative organization that is so focused on their customers."

-Mary H., Accounting Director
Dealer Tire

“I can tell that Chrome River designs products with users in mind – they try to minimize the amount of keystrokes required to complete a task, and automate processes with features like OCR technology, to make work easier and more efficient for users.”

-Craig Lundskog, Finance Director & Controller
Great Basin Industrial

“Chrome River makes our work more human by automating processes and eliminating the need for mundane data-entry. We now process expense reports 75% faster, which enables the team to prioritize more meaningful activities.”

-Esther Song, National Finance Manager
Buddle Findlay

“Nexonia’s customer service is top-notch. Every person we’ve worked with has been knowledgeable, polite, and sincerely tries to understand and respond to our unique needs.”

-Kathy Crelly, Director of Finance
National Athletic Trainers’ Association

“Chrome River has a very collaborative, human approach to working with customers, and sincerely wants us to succeed.”

-Melissa Grant, Financial Controller
Hall & Wilcox

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