Emburse is Hiring

Emburse an early-stage startup based in SF and is hiring for two roles:

  • A hybrid sales/account executive
  • A full-stack engineer familiar with running Django on AWS

Modernizing Credit Card Issuance

Emburse is a corporate credit card platform that generates virtual and physical credit cards with specific budget restrictions. We manage both traditional corporate card expenses like T&E as well as backend vendor payments. We take pride in having a talented team that enjoys delivering a great product and serving fast-growing businesses from startups to publicly-traded companies.

Camaraderie of a Startup

You'll be joining a tightknit team where everyone is expected to wear multiple hats as we take on the challenges of growing Emburse into a dominant brand.

From a sales perspective, our team thrives on success with closing large enterprise clients and benefits from having a nimble product team that's capable of outpacing our competition. From a technology perspective, our infrastructure is optimized for simplicity in ways that have enabled fast product iteration and testable, maintainable software.

We're looking for someone who values owning sizable business or infrastructure responsibilities and would look forward to shaping Emburse's company culture as we grow our team.

Roles and Responsibilities

Hybrid Sales/Account Executive

We're looking for help with outbound sales. An ideal candidate would be familiar with APIs and payments. Prior sales and support experience is not necessary but is preferred. Responsibilities include:

  • Identifying new potential customers and run the end-to-end sales process
  • Building and maintaining relationships with key customers, from senior leaders to developers
  • Working with the team to define and execute new verticals and sales strategies that expand into our reach

Full-stack Software Engineer

Emburse is built entirely using Python/Django and is deployed on Heroku for development and AWS for production. An ideal candidate would be looking to join a startup as one of the first few employees and be comfortable embracing sizable infrastructure responsibilities which include:

  • Maintaining a PCI-compliant environment on AWS
  • Augmenting our credit card transaction processing capabilities
  • Designing new expense management features

Working with Emburse

We offer competitive salaries and meaningful equity ownership as well a clear path towards success with your professional goals. We understand that the biggest investment that you can make is one made with your time, and want you to grow alongside the growth of our business.

See it for yourself

Try our fully functioning demo account and see if Emburse is the right fit for you.