Employee Credit Cards

Set credit cards with restrictions

What Are Employee Credit Cards?

Employee credit cards are issued to employees by an employer who is responsible for receiving the monthly statements and paying off the balance. Like business credit cards, employee credit cards act as a source of financing for short term business needs and allow the employee to make company approved purchases and cash advances. Employee credit cards can remove the need for worker filed expense reports and subsequent reimbursement checks while allowing the employer to set guidelines and limits regarding purchases and cash advances.

How Do Employee Credit Cards Work?

  1. Business applies for a credit card account
  2. Administrators set budgetary guidelines, purchase categories and time limits for employee use
  3. Cards are distributed to employees for use on approved purchases and cash advances.
  4. Employees make business purchases based on pre-approved spending rules
  5. Transactions are automatically tracked and categorized in our expense management software
  6. With integrations to all major accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero, moving over transactions is quick and easy.

Case Study

Allied Outdoor Solutions is a leading patio installation contractor serving cities in Texas and Arizona.


For suppliers that Allied Outdoor Solutions does not have direct invoice relationships with, project foremen would often need to rely on gift cards when purchasing building materials from local hardware stores.


Using Emburse, Allied Outdoor Solutions is able to distribute restricted expense cards to its contractors that are only active when needed and are limited for use at hardware merchants. Emburse allows its contractors to work more efficiently while removing any worries of illegitimate spending.

Card Assignments

Assign cards using just a name and an email address. Require receipts after every purchase.

Virtual or Physical Cards

Order physical cards or create virtual cards which can immediately be used for online purchases.

Enforce Expense Policies

Enforce granular spending restrictions on each card for specific vendors, events, or employees.

Virtual Cards

Virtual card numbers are available immediately and can be used for online or in-store purchases.

Shared Cards

Security share a card with multiple people to enforce group budgets.

Require Receipts

Enforce expense policies by requiring receipts after every purchase or after purchases over $75.

Review Transactions in Real-time

Review transactions in real-time and filter purchases by date, category, or card.

Simplify Bookkeeping

Export expenses to QuickBooks or download bank statements in .CSV, .OFX, or .PDF format.

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