Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emburse?

Emburse is an expense management platform that gives businesses more insight into and control over corporate expenses. Using Emburse, businesses may order virtual or physical MasterCard-network branded expense cards and assign these cards to employees or contractors for authorization of pre-approved business expenses.

How does Emburse work?

After setting up and funding a business account with Emburse, Emburse cards with custom spending restrictions may be created. A card’s spending restrictions may include time restrictions, a budget or allowance, and merchant requirements. Each Emburse card draws funds from the business account and does not need to be funded individually. If the business account does not contain sufficient funds to satisfy the budget set on an Emburse card, the amount that may be spent using a card is limited to the balance on the business account.

Does Emburse provide credit cards?

No, Emburse offers prepaid debit cards that are linked to a business account which must be funded before any cards may be used. Because Emburse does not offer any credit-related products, no line-of-credit or finance charges will be incurred when using Emburse’s product, and no credit check is required.

Are there any fees associated with using Emburse?

After a free 30-day trial, Emburse offers straightforward pricing based on the number of active cardholders each month. For each active cardholder, Emburse charges $15/month (minimum of 3 users). Each cardholder may be assigned multiple cards at no additional cost. Emburse does not charge a fee for ordering physical cards or for creating virtual cards. View additional pricing details.

If an Authorized User makes a purchase using a Card in a currency other than in U.S. dollars, the amount deducted from the available funds in the Card Account will be converted by MasterCard into U.S. dollars. Please refer to the Emburse Card Program Agreement for additional information.

How do I create an Emburse account?

To create an Emburse account, a business executive must sign up on behalf of the business and provide information about the business as well as information about the business account owner. After creation of an account, both the business information and the owner information must be verified. This verification process may take several days to complete, and during this process, we may reach out to you with a request for more information.

How do I load funds into my Emburse account?

Upon activation of your business account, you or another business administrator will be asked to connect a bank account and verify its ownership. After a successful verification of ownership, funds may be transferred from this bank account into Emburse. A “minimum balance” may also be set that enables the automatic transfer of funds from the connected bank account into Emburse whenever the Emburse business account reaches a specific low balance.

Is Emburse available outside of the U.S.?

Only companies incorporated within the U.S. may register for an Emburse account. In addition, the primary account owner must be a resident of the United States with a Social Security number and a verifiable physical U.S. street address (no P.O. Boxes). We do not offer Emburse accounts to residents of Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and other U.S. territories.

Where may the Emburse card be used?

The Emburse card is accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted. Bank reserves the right to limit or block the use of the Card in foreign countries due to fraud or security concerns or to comply with applicable law. The Emburse card may not be used at ATMs. The Emburse card may not be used for cashback transactions, online gambling, and other restricted activities.

Please note that when using the Emburse card at a gas station, the gas station may pre-authorize a transaction for up to $100 and that the card will be declined if sufficient funding is not available. If using your card for fuel reimbursements, we recommend setting a minimum budget of at least this amount.

Likewise, when using your card at restaurants, hotels, or car rental companies, please note that these merchants often hold up to an additional 20% or more to cover tips and potential supplementary charges.

Have more questions?

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