Frequently Asked Questions


What is Emburse?

Emburse is a card generation platform for business expenses and vendor payments. Our expense management solution gives businesses more insight into and control over corporate expenses. Using Emburse, businesses may order virtual or physical MasterCard debit cards and assign these cards to employees or contractors for authorization of pre-approved business expenses. Cards can also be created for individual payments, limiting the risk of giving out card details to external vendors.

How does Emburse work?

After setting up and funding a business account with Emburse, Emburse cards with custom spending restrictions may be created. A card’s spending restrictions may include time restrictions, a budget or allowance, and merchant requirements. Each Emburse card draws funds from the business account and does not need to be funded individually. If the business account does not contain sufficient funds to satisfy the budget set on an Emburse card, the amount that may be spent using a card is limited to the balance on the business account.

Does Emburse provide credit cards?

No, Emburse offers prepaid debit cards that are linked to a business account which must be funded before any cards may be used. Because Emburse does not offer any credit-related products, no line-of-credit or finance charges will be incurred when using Emburse’s product, and no credit check is required.

Are there any fees associated with using Emburse?

After a free 30-day trial, Emburse offers straightforward pricing based on the number of active cardholders each month. For each active cardholder, Emburse charges $15/month (minimum of 3 users). Each cardholder may be assigned multiple cards at no additional cost. Emburse does not charge a fee for ordering physical cards or for creating virtual cards. View additional pricing details.

If an Authorized User makes a purchase using a Card in a currency other than in U.S. dollars, the amount deducted from the available funds in the Card Account will be converted by MasterCard into U.S. dollars. Please refer to the Emburse Card Program Agreement for additional information.

Is Emburse available outside of the U.S.?

Only companies incorporated within the U.S. may register for an Emburse account. In addition, the primary account owner must be a resident of the United States with a Social Security number and a verifiable physical U.S. street address (no P.O. Boxes). We do not offer Emburse accounts to residents of Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and other U.S. territories.

Where may the Emburse card be used?

The Emburse card is accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted. Bank reserves the right to limit or block the use of the Card in foreign countries due to fraud or security concerns or to comply with applicable law. The Emburse card may not be used at ATMs. The Emburse card may not be used for cashback transactions, online gambling, and other restricted activities.

Please note that when using the Emburse card at a gas station, the gas station may pre-authorize a transaction for up to $100 and that the card will be declined if sufficient funding is not available. If using your card for fuel reimbursements, we recommend setting a minimum budget of at least this amount.

Likewise, when using your card at restaurants, hotels, or car rental companies, please note that these merchants often hold up to an additional 20% or more to cover tips and potential supplementary charges.

What are the requirements for creating an Emburse account?

Requirements for creating an Emburse account includes verifiable business and business banking information including the business legal name, Employer Identification Number (EIN), and address. Emburse accounts can only be opened by verified Inc., LLC, and Partnerships.

How many users / cards can I have with Emburse?

Emburse allows for an unlimited amount of users per Business Account. Additionally, each cardholder may be assigned multiple cards at no additional cost. Emburse does not charge a fee for ordering physical cards or for creating virtual cards.

My cards was declined, what do I do now?

In the case of your card being declined, please contact your business administrator. Your card may have been declined due to budget or merchant restrictions, fraud, or insufficient funds in the business account.

Do you have real time fraud alerts?

Emburse offers real time fraud monitoring and will alert both cardholders and admins in the event of suspicious transactions. We utilize factors including, but not limited to, dollar amount, time, location, and historical to calculate a risk score in our fraud detection engine. In the event of a very high risk score, Emburse may suspend cards on the spot to prevent further transactions.

How do I report and replace a lost or stolen card?

If your Emburse card has been lost or stolen, please notify your business administrator immediately. Your business administrator will then terminate the compromised card, notify Emburse at, before creating and assigning a new card to user.


How do I create an Emburse account?

To create an Emburse account, a business executive must sign up on behalf of the business and provide information about the business as well as information about the business account owner. After creation of an account, both the business information and the owner information must be verified. This verification process may take several days to complete, and during this process, we may reach out to you with a request for more information.

Why is Emburse asking me for my social security number and address?

Per US banking regulations, Emburse must verify the identity of any Emburse administrators that have the ability to create cards and move funds. To do so, we use your name, personal address, social security (or tax ID) number, and birthday. Emburse is not running a credit check or utilizing the information provided for any other purpose than identity verification during sign up. You will not receive any correspondence at your personal address.

What information is required from cardholders?

Emburse Cardholders need only a name and email. A phone number can also be added to receive instant notifications for receipt capture after a transaction is completed.


How do I load funds into my Emburse account?

Upon activation of your business account, you or another business administrator will be asked to connect a bank account and verify its ownership. After a successful verification of ownership, funds may be transferred from this bank account into Emburse. A “minimum balance” may also be set that enables the automatic transfer of funds from the connected bank account into Emburse whenever the Emburse business account reaches a specific low balance.

How does Emburse funding work?

Emburse’s funding mechanism operates similar to a Paypal or Venmo account, where funds sit in an intermediary account. The funding amount does not have to be large since we top it off once a day at 5 pm PT (or more, if you’d like) up to a pre-specified amount, what we call the “minimum balance.” Fund transfers are instantaneous for trusted clients so there’s no waiting 3 business days before you can use your cards again.

What should I set for the minimum balance?

We suggest that new Emburse account users set their minimum balance to the maximum amount of your cardholders’ spend on any given day, plus a small cushion for unexpected heavy spend. Since your Emburse balance is affected only by actual spending, and not by the number of cards or the balance of each card, this amount does not need to equal the total balances of all your cards.

Let’s use an example: Say you want to create 4 cards, each with a budget of $200/week, but you only expect each of these cards to spend around $100 a day. Unlike traditional card providers, Emburse does not “load” $200 onto each of your cards and hence does not require you have $800 prefunded into the account. You only need $500 in your Emburse account (4 cards x $100 per card + 20% cushion).

If your expenses are highly variable, we suggest that you 1) increase your minimum balance to have a higher cushion or 2) set an automated trigger to bring you back up to the minimum balance as many times as necessary before our typical 5pm PT top up.

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3 business days Instantaneous
Upon card creation Upon swipe or ecommerce checkout
Must be swept back into bank account No unused funds!

Can I load funds with a different credit card and get those points?

Unfortunately, no. Emburse account must be linked to a US business bank account. If we allowed credit cards to be linked, Emburse would be charged for the ~3% Visa/ Mastercard/AmEx fee that generates points.

What's the difference between ledger vs. available balance?

Ledger balance is how much $ you have in your account at this exact second. It does not take into account PENDING transactions. Available balance is the how much you have $ to spend, taking into account $ in the account + pending transactions. Available balance should almost always (with the exception of large refunds) be less than ledger balance.

Some transactions are PENDING because card payments typically take 3 days to CLEAR. This means the funds are locked and unusable, but technically still in your (digital) possession, marked to be moved to the recipient merchant corresponding to a transaction.


How does the option to require approval for a purchase work?

Before an employee is issued an Emburse card, business administrators can set controls prior to a card’s issuance as well as in real time. Business Administrator’s can select from the following controls: Set spending limits, set category & time restrictions, transfer money instantly with recurring loads, capture receipts immediately, as well as the ability to turn cards on/off with just one click.

The Emburse platform also allows cardholders to easily request and instantly receive more funds if necessary.

For more information, please take a look at our Purchase Request Feature.

How does receipt capture work?

Emburse’s expense management platform allows businesses to automate the collection of receipts by notifying employees of receipt capture requirements via a dedicated text, the instant after a transaction is made. The cardholder clicks a link within our text message to the user, snap a photo of their receipt, select an expense category and voila!

With a single click, administrators can view captured receipts, the associated transaction information, and enforce receipt collection via suspending cards.

What accounting software does Emburse integrate with?

Emburse integrates with a variety of accounting suites including Expensify, Netsuite, Quickbooks and Xero. Data can be exported to CSV or Excel, which is accepted by any accounting software.

Does Emburse have an API?

Yes, Emburse’s offers only corporate card API that uses the OAuth 2.0 standard for user authentication. The Emburse API enables the creation of expense cards at scale for custom business solutions and third-party app integrations. Cards can be created instantly with set spending limits and assigned with just an email.

The Emburse API also provides the option to integrate with Slack to request a new card for a specific amount. When an administrator approves, a virtual card is created instantaneously and shared via Slack.

Does Emburse have an app?

Emburse’s mobile web optimized for both iOS and Android. This covers all functions including checking balances, uploading receipts, issuing cards, setting controls, issuing purchase requests and all functions offered through the Emburse platform.

Have more questions?

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