Changes to Receipt Capture in iOS and Updates to Slack Integration

Changes to Receipt Capture in iOS and Updates to Slack Integration

We made some changes to receipt capture in the Abacus iOS app, as well as updated our Slack integration for employee expensing.

You might have noticed a few changes to the receipt capture in your Abacus iOS app today. We know that you don’t always get a chance to capture your receipt as a transaction is happening and can sometimes rack up a few expenses during the day. Now it’s easier to upload them all in one shot when you have a free moment.

iOS Receipt Capture

The new receipt capture allows you to do a few awesome things that you couldn’t do before:
  1. Add multiple receipts at a time: the new camera in Abacus lets you take continuous pictures to add receipts to your receipt bin. Just close the camera by tapping ‘Done’ in the bottom right.
  2. Add receipts offline: No internet service, no problem. Just take pictures of the receipts like normal, and when your service returns we’ll automatically upload them to your Abacus account. Great for expensing from the plane!
  3. Edits and Notes: Quickly scroll through your receipt bin at the top of the camera and click a receipt to edit or add an expense note.
[video width="272" height="480" webm=/assets/images/abacus-blog-migrated/2016/10/ios-receipt-capture-2.webm loop="true" loop="true" autoplay="true"][/video]
  These new changes are to help you take better advantage of the intelligent automation that Abacus offers like Suggested Expenses. If you attach your credit card to Abacus, we match your receipts to the transactions in the feed, add your receipt note and can auto-categorize your expense. Once it’s ready to go, we’ll add it to your Suggested Expenses list and let you know. Then you can quickly go through your list of expenses by clicking “Quick Expense.” The new receipt capture flow helps you add receipts in bulk, which helps heavy expensers especially speed up submission time.

Slack Integration Updates

In addition to our iOS receipt capture, we’ve updated our Slack integration so that employees can now expense from Slack! When expenses appear in your Suggested Expenses list, we’ll send you a Slack notification. If it has all the necessary information and is within company policy, you’ll see a button to expense it right from Slack. If it needs a little more information, it will send you to Abacus to complete the expense. slack-suggested-expenses

Pro-Tip - be sure to add a note to your receipt in the iOS app when uploading to take advantage of expensing in Slack!

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