How I did it: Making Purchases Easy for A Network of Volunteers

Sommer Clayman
Sommer Clayman
How I did it: Making Purchases Easy for a Network of Volunteers

Our 1,000 volunteers needed access to funds to support Apartment Life events, and the pre-paid card solution that we were using previously posed various challenges.

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Apartment Life is a non-profit that’s been helping apartment owners build meaningful relationships with residents since 2000. The organization serves more than 1.3 million apartment units across 30 states, and relies on a team of 1,000+ volunteers to manage on-site events. In this guest blog post, Sommer Clayman, Controller at Apartment Life, talks about how Emburse Reach and Emburse Cards enabled the organization’s volunteers to easily pay for and expense items for events.

Our 1,000 volunteers needed access to funds to support Apartment Life events, and the pre-paid card solution that we were using previously posed various challenges. Since the cards couldn’t real-time sync with the expense solution, the disconnected systems required manual workarounds. As such, it was difficult to track and report on event performance and spend. Plus, our team requires physical cards that took more than two weeks to ship!

We rely on our volunteers to make our business a success. We really needed a seamless, user-friendly expense and cards solution that would make our volunteers’ lives easier.

Our customer success manager approached us about Emburse Cards & Emburse Reach - available to all Emburse customers. Emburse Cards gives us the ability to issue virtual and plastic cards instantly as part of the pre-approval module. This enables employees to easily make purchases, while giving administrators full control over spending. Card transaction details are automatically linked to cardholder profiles, ensuring every expense is properly tagged and coded. Emburse Reach is an expense management solution that enables our organization to quickly and easily manage reimbursements to non-employee groups, such as job candidates, external consultants and contractors. With an intuitive mobile-first design, Emburse Reach allows us to quickly and easily provision temporary access to non-employees.

I have only great things to say about Emburse Cards and Emburse Reach. I’ve implemented a lot of software in my career, and Emburse Reach was one of the easiest implementations. We scheduled a one hour call, and it only took 15 minutes! And the best part - it’s a better experience for volunteers and our finance team.

Our volunteers love Emburse Cards and Emburse Reach because it requires minimal training, so they can be ready to go in just minutes. Employees can request both virtual and physical cards depending on their needs. Virtual cards are available instantly and physical cards arrive in 4-7 days (half the time of our previous process).

For our finance team, this solution is a no-brainer. It’s easy to set up, manage, and adjust rules, and issuing physical cards takes just five minutes. With one simple, centralized system that’s integrated into the expense solution, they have access to real-time transaction processing, giving them better reporting visibility. The systems are also straightforward to manage in a virtual work environment, which is very helpful.

Virtualizing our financial processes has made expense management as easy as possible for everyone involved.

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