Live Reports are the New Expense Reports

Live Reports are the New Expense Reports

Abacus is excited to announce Live Reports - the new approach we’re taking to replace the expense report and improve how you review and approve expenses.

Abacus is excited to introduce Live Reports! From the start, Abacus has sought to help our customers manage expenses without the barriers of a traditional expense report. Live Reports is the new approach we’re taking to replace the expense report and improve how you can review and approve expenses in Abacus. Live Reports give you the ability to see expenses in a multi-dimensional way — by projects, clients, categories, and any other criteria — in real time. It’s the fastest, most powerful way to manage expenses, and it’s completely automated.

View your expenses in 3D

Traditionally, an expense report has been a static list of transactions trapped in an arbitrary, opaque bundle. These lists make it impossible for you to see the big picture and require you to spend hours unraveling the information inside. Live Reports are living, breathing groups of information that automatically update in real time. They give you a fluid view into specific areas of your business by keeping your expenses constantly organized. You can endlessly sort and re-sort expenses by employee (similar to a traditional expense report) or by project, client, time interval, or any data point important to your business. Reviewing expenses in the most meaningful combinations helps you extract insights and context from your expenses. It’s expense reporting in 3D.

How to use Live Reports

When an employee submits an expense, Abacus automatically fills it with data by pairing receipts to card feeds, geolocating expense submissions, suggesting expense categories based on past behavior, and so on. Additional information can be added for more context, such as projects, clients, job codes, etc. Abacus uses these collected data points to create Live Reports, allowing you to sort and slice expenses into groups that make sense for your review and approval workflow. Each Live Report is a real time list of all the expenses that meet specific criteria. You can create a Live Report for any combination of expense data: you can see all expenses pending approval, or everything submitted by a certain team for a certain project, and so on. Live Reports are as granular as you need them to be. live-reports Once inside each Live Report, you can further toggle between additional criteria to refine your view even more. It’s an instant and automated way to get a clear picture of where money is being allocated. It also allows you to strategize your review process, so you can approve expenses as quickly and carefully as possible.

A workflow that works for you

Abacus tracks the expense data that’s important to your business. Live Reports let you use it. For review, approval, and post-approval reporting, Live Reports help you cut through the noise and see your expenses from every angle. Turn your expense management function into a source of business intelligence with Live Reports, the next generation of expense reports. Learn more about Live Reports in this support article.  
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