Emburse Pricing

Get the insight and controls to effectively manage business expenses while saving hundreds of dollars on accounting & bookkeeping by using Emburse.

  • Reduce the potential for unauthorized spending and increase the overall efficiency of managing your business expenses using Emburse.

  • Unlike competitors, Emburse offers a straight forward pricing model that allows your business to utilize as many Emburse Cards as needed, by charges on a per-user basis, not per card.

App Pricing

With Emburse’s App, Admins have a robust dashboard of company expenses to easily view and enforce team budgets.

  • Through our dashboard, Admins can instantly assign virtual or physical expense cards to employees with pre-assigned labels to make reconciliation easier for you and your team.

Max Number of Active Users Monthly Fee
5 $45
15 $100
30 $150
50 $225

API Pricing

Our API enables Emburse users to create expense cards at scale for custom business solutions as well as for third-party app integrations.

Card Creation Fee Monthly Minimum
$0.25 / Card $500 / Month
  • Cards can be created with set spending limits and assigned with just an email

  • Some use cases include vendor payments, employee expense control, and fleet card management

For more information regarding Emburse’s API capabilities, please see our API documentation page.

For additional questions regarding API pricing, please contact sales@emburse.com.