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Connections that make a difference

Get to know how Nexonia’s products build a reliable, trustworthy, and automatic relationship with your accounting software of choice.

Don’t see the system you currently use? No worries! We integrate with almost any solution just as easily.

Sage Intacct

We’ve been a valuable addition to organizations using Sage Intacct since 2012. The ERP’s 300+ open API connection options help Nexonia provide the deepest expense integration available on the market.

  • Support for user-defined dimensions
  • Support for Intacct’s standard dimensions, including customer, vendor, employee, item, department, location, class, and project
  • Multi-entity support
  • Scheduled or on-demand data exports
  • Multi-currency, and VAT support
  • Fully automated configuration and expense sync with support for receipts
  • Daily credit card feeds

Some of our Intacct customers

Oracle Netsuite

Since 2006, Nexonia’s integration with NetSuite has helped customers bring greater efficiency and accuracy.

  • Support for native dimensions including customers, vendors, employees, items, departments, locations, classes, project and more!
  • Create and integrate custom fields
  • Fully automated configuration and expense sync with support for receipts
  • OneWorld, multi-currency, and VAT support
  • Multi-entity support
  • Scheduled or on-demand data exports
  • Receipt scans saved directly to NetSuite
  • Daily credit card feeds

Some of our NetSuite customers

Intuit QuickBooks

Whether you’re using QuickBooks desktop or online, our 100+ integration possibilities simplify how your expense and time reporting data flow into the system.

  • Manage time and expenses from a single interface
  • Control which fields employee see when submitting expenses or timesheets
  • Sync users, customers, and your chart of accounts
  • Automate transfers of approved reports to QuickBooks Online overnight and QuickBooks Desktop anytime

Some of our QuickBooks customers


Our integration with Xero adds speed and ease to many small business accounting workflows. Time-consuming manual processes vanish so you can focus on growth.

  • Full configuration sync of all Xero objects
  • Employees only see what they need to see when creating expense reports
  • Sync users, customers, and jobs easily
  • Transfer expense data to Xero automatically or on-demand

Our integration with facilitates reimbursement to the platform. All the relevant dimensions and fields important to the accounting system are maintained and synced directly.

  • Schedule data transfers every night or on-demand
  • Sync users to vendors, categories to accounts, and company-paid credit cards
  • Pull information when reports get paid
  • Flow all approved report details and attachments fed to Nexonia directly into
  • Transfers of all approved expense reports, receipts, and credit card transactions

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Implementation service

Implementation made easy

Our implementation specialists have assisted hundreds of customers of all organizational shapes and sizes get up and running. Whether you rely on Intacct, NetSuite, or another accounting platform, we’ll walk you through the process of connecting them with ease.

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