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Emburse SpringAhead provides control over your time and materials billing.

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The world's most innovative companies use Emburse SpringAhead products to humanize work.

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The comprehensive time and materials recording solution for client billing.


SpringAhead's online timesheets let you create time entries using any browser, leveraging a variety of entry methods including clock-in, timers, weekly entries, and mobile app.

Expense Reports

SpringAhead's online expense reports are simple, lightweight, and straightforward to use. Rely on us to retain and store credit card statement transactions as well as receipt images for your client records.

Seamless integrations

Client Invoices

SpringAhead rolls all project billings into a single invoice per client, generated in the accounting system on export of time and expense data, alongside an export of your payables.

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Spreadsheets are a headache. SpringAhead is the remedy

Manual processes make your staff retain massive amounts of operational knowledge. SpringAhead simplifies client and project administration to ensure worker compliance, proper application of rates, and correct approvals. Let us handle everything programmatically so your staff can focus on the business.

Translating a single time or expense entry into a variety of formats for processing is complicated and risky. SpringAhead automates time and expense entries, routing data through approval and invoicing logic to the right operational systems – correctly syncing without manual intervention.

When your organization relies on manual processes and spreadsheets, you expose your team to disputed line items on client invoices. With SpringAhead, all details of time entry and expense are tracked and recorded accurately, ensuring the inevitable dispute can be resolbed quickly with minimal administrative overhead.

SpringAhead was custom built with these industries in mind:

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Government contracting

Rely on SpringAhead for your DCAA-compliant time and expense needs when working on federal projects.

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Professional services

Professional services rely on SpringAhead to customize bill rate tracking on a client, project, user, and task basis to meet the demands of the most complex contractual arrangements.

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Rely on SpringAhead to remove the headache of manually calcualating invoice amounts and let your staff simply track their time, in any browser and any region of the world.

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Staffing firms rely on SpringAhead to dynamically track placements from staffing software, associate work with staffing placement reps for comission, ensure proper markup for all work performed, and track proper payment to sub-contracting staffing agencies when needed.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accountants and Bookkeepers use SpringAhead software to help efficiently scale business, while confidently advising clients and managing their books. 


Trust SpringAhead's award-winning data integration service, SpringConnect

We know that data integrity is the backbone of your business operations. Rather than using third-party integration applications, SpringAhead built SpringConnect - our integration engine for delivering payables and receivables into your financial systems.

SpringConnect dynamically deliver time, expense, and invoice data to all versions of QuickBooks. It also integrates seamlessly with, your recruiting platform and/or payroll system for additional tracking and payment.

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SpringAhead seamlessly integrates with our other systems to streamline the entire expense and invoice management process, so our business can operate more efficiently.”

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Andrew Reiss
CFO, DBI Staffing

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Some providers only solve a part of the problem. We've assembled a holistic, diverse network of partners and products that let you focus on adding value from all aspects of spend management. From advanced analytics to global reimbursements, we help you handle it all.

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