See and control job costs

It's important to understand labor needs no matter if you bill flat rate or time and materials. SpringAhead brings clarity job costing and client invoicing through robust expense and time tracking solutions.

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Rely on SpringAhead to empower your workforce

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Global system reliability

No matter where your workforce is located or the fidelity of their internet connection, SpringAhead is accessible across the globe via an internet browser. As entries are made in Chennai, clients can review and approve in Santa Clara.

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Easy to adopt

Your workforce ebbs and flows, making systems training a constant job. SpringAhead’s time and expense entry functionality is so straightforward that most workers are able to learn the software on their own. No training required.

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Controlled client visibility

Client access to detail is within your control. If your team embeds into client operations directly, you can choose to involve client managers directly in the approval process, by job. Alternatively, you can limit client visibility to invoices alone.

Core functionality

SpringAhead drives outsourcing firms.

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Flexible time entry methods

SpringAhead is designed to meet the level of detail expected by outsourcing firms — offering time entry methods such as weekly time, daily time, time in/time out, clock in/clock out and timers.

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Customers, jobs, and tasks

Manage your time and materials tracking on any level or combination you choose: customers, jobs/sub-jobs and/or tasks. Choose to use service items for task tracking for greater accounting detail.

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Bill rates and pay rates

Let SpringAhead automatically calculate amount due to a worker or due from a customer, based on configurations of bill rates and pay rates custom to jobs, sub-jobs, people and tasks.

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Visibility and access controls

Your client list doesn’t have to be public knowledge. Ensure workers have access to only the customers and jobs they are assigned to, during the time of their assignment.

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Not every job has the same approving manager for work. In fact, embedded teams may require approvers from client sites while independent teams have local management. Configure your approval chains however you wish.

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In the event that your job requires certain purchases, such as software licenses, simply use the SpringAhead system to track those expenses and include them in your time and materials invoice, with or without markup.

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Use SpringAhead’s time entries to generate client invoices on a regular schedule, based on work performed. If you map purchase orders to projects, you can deduct your use of pre-approved dollars or time as you invoice your clients.

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QuickBooks Sync

SpringAhead was built to be a direct add-on over your QuickBooks system — either Desktop, Enterprise or Online. Our proprietary integration engine insures direct output of all data to ensure your business runs smoothly.

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Mobile application

Easily enter and track time with SpringAhead’s mobile application. Designed for on-the-go employees, our intuitive interface makes documenting time quick and efficient.