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Staffing placements’ time entries are critical to client invoicing, staff payroll, and rep commissions. Trust SpringAhead to gather and parse this data properly for all your operational staffing systems: such as Bullhorn, which is fully integrated.


Streamline the operations side of your staffing agency with SpringAhead

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Built for staffing

With years of experience in the staffing industry, we built the SpringAhead functionality to natively support the key roles of the staffing triad: placed workforce, client and rep. No workaround required and mobile app included.

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Easy to adopt

Your workforce ebbs and flows, making systems training a constant job. SpringAhead’s time and expense entry functionality is so straightforward that most placements are able to learn the software on their own. No training required.

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Proven partnership

SpringAhead and Bullhorn have been partners for over a decade, developing their product offering for their mutual customers’ needs. As a customer of SpringAhead, you’ll benefit from this expertise as we support your business.

SpringAhead integrates with the Bullhorn API in the following ways:

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Receive a regular feed of all new placements direct into the SpringAhead system as they are assigned to jobs. User accounts granted to placements will stay with them from job to job.

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Customers and jobs

With each placement from Bullhorn comes a job, associated with a customer who can be invoiced. During import, SpringAhead can support creating unique sub-jobs for disparate project work.

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Bill rates

Alongside a placement, pull in the exact negotiated customer billing rate for that placement on that exact job. If a placement is added to a new job, the proper bill rate will also be added.

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Pay rates

Using the integration, pull in the proper payment amount for a placement, no matter if they are paid directly or if another vendor is paid for their labor.

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Not every job has the same approving manager for work. SpringAhead’s Bullhorn integration pulls in an approver for each placement and creates a new approval account in SpringAhead whenever a new user is detected.

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Use the Bullhorn integration to attach a rep and their commission rates to each of the placements so that SpringAhead can keep a tally of ongoing commission due for placement work.

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QuickBooks Sync

Whenever SpringAhead pulls data from Bullhorn, the sync can be configured to pull the same data into QuickBooks, ensuring your accounting system stays right in sync with your ATS.

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Direct hire invoices

SpringAhead’s Bullhorn integration can be used to create QuickBooks invoices for direct hires or permanent placements, even if SpringAhead isn’t used for ongoing time tracking for that hire.