SpringAhead’s proprietary integration engine will exceed your expectations.

Once you’ve automated your time and expense tracking, it’s critical to be able to deliver the data into your core financial systems without any manual data entry. SpringAhead’s award-winning SpringConnect integration engine solves this for you.


Simply unparalleled integration functionality

When using SpringConnect, export and integration is a push-button experience that can create invoices, timesheets, bills, checks, journal entries, and/or credit card transactions from directly within SpringAhead.

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Optimized for Quickbooks

The SpringConnect integration package is optimized for all Windows versions of QuickBooks including QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Desktop for Windows, and QuickBooks Online. Versions customized for the US, Canada and the UK are all supported as well. SpringConnect is compatible with QuickBooks application hosting providers, such as Right Networks or CPAASP, and can be installed directly into these environments with the assistance of your hosting provider.

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SpringAhead fits with your existing technology

Additional integration functions you can include:

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You have more than 200 potential payroll providers to choose from and SpringAhead is happy to work with all of them. The only requirement is that the payroll provider support file imports. Choose from common payroll providers such as Paychex or SurePayroll and get started today.

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SpringAhead works with the major recruiting software providers to lower your costs. Choose from Bullhorn, Maxhire, or Sendouts and pull approved placement data from them at the touch of a button. See why SpringAhead is the time and billing software of choice for the best-run staffing companies.

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