Review in full. Approve in an instant.

Gain total control over your timesheets’ and expense reports’ approval process with SpringAhead. Flexible routing controls keep your approvers in the loop, while automated email reminders save you time. Straight-forward expense policy controls and clear review screens ensure accuracy.

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Collaborating professionals

SpringAhead’s breadth of approval configurations gives your company flexibility and confidence.

Whether you have one person who approves everything or you need a map to chart all of the approval stops — SpringAhead handles it all. Designate approvers based on dollar amount, person, project and the entire company. Add as many approvers as you need at each stop and SpringAhead will route them through each approver quickly and predictably.

SpringAhead approvals screen

SpringAhead makes approving timesheets and expense reports quick and easy.

View claim-status icon

View claim status

Tired of the run around? Stop calling your coworkers to figure out what happened to your timesheet or where your expense report went. From user to administrator, with SpringAhead you'll know where your timesheet or expense report is at all times.

Historical record icon

Full historical record

Disputed claims? Auditors looking for source documents? Rest easy, SpringAhead has everything organized. Search, find and access documents at the touch of a button. Your reviews have never been easier and your file cabinets have never been cleaner.

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Stay on schedule

SpringAhead pinpoints every timesheet and every expense report in the process so you don’t have to. List every approved, unapproved and unsubmitted timesheet with a click. With SpringAhead’s email reminders you stay on track and on schedule.

Policy icon

Enforce company policies

Does the team have a hard time remembering what their mileage reimbursement rate is? Does a particular employee consistently submit expenses that exceed company policy? Use SpringAhead to help your team keep it all straight. Reimbursement rate controls, project accounting requirements and more are all baked in and at your service.