FORBES: Tallie's Expense Report Software Selected by H&R Block Small Business

As you may have heard, H&R Block recently selected Tallie as the exclusive expense reports solution for its Small Business Services. Tallie's automated features are set to save H&R Block's small business clients money, as well as countless hours of time spent on expense management.

On Friday, Ben Kepes wrote an article for Forbes.com explaining why this partnership is so important for small businesses:

"The reality [used to be] that integrating discrete solutions [was] time and resource-heavy and hence impractical for SMBs. If you’re an enterprise you have an IT shop with time to create custom integrations between the different solutions you use – not so for a SMB. The result, therefore, was that SMBs generally chose a monolithic solution that had as much of their functional needs as possible. Anything else was generally resolved with paper-based processes.

The rise of the cloud has changed all that. Enabled by application programming interfaces (APIs), the building blocks that let applications be readily integrated with each other, we now have a paradigm where SMBs can chose a range of different solutions and (theoretically at least) plug them in together as they see fit – so SMBs will take a core cloud accounting product, bolt on POS, HR and expense functionality and create for themselves a highly specific solution.

. . .  H&R Block is now able to offer an automated expense management solution to their customers, and thus end the annual ritual of taking ones filing agent a shoebox full of receipts. Not only will Tallie help the “shoebox syndrome” it also offers quality-assurance functionality – duplicate and error prevention and auto-categorization of expenses for example."

We're thrilled to be helping so many small businesses streamline their workflow, prevent expense fraud, and integrate their entire accounting system. To learn more about what makes Tallie and H&R Block Small Business Services so special, read the full article over at Forbes.com

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