ROI on expense management in less than a month? Yes, it's possible

ROI on expense management in less than a month? Yes, it's possible

Many small- and medium-sized businesses know they're wasting time with manual and paper expense solutions, but finding the right expense management software may feel daunting.

How can you be sure it won't be a big waste of money and time? We've taken a look at three different organizations that made the switch from spreadsheets to expense software and achieved a full return on investment in less than one month.

Below, take a look at the problems these organizations faced and the solutions that in turn made their investment worth it, in both time and money.

Fun fact: According to customer surveys, 66% of Tallie users saw a return on investment in two months or less.

Case Study 1: How Match Charter Public School boosted employee morale and easily synced up with accounting software

Organization: Match Charter Public School
Industry: Educational institution
Previous solution: Spreadsheets, paper/manual process
Integrations: Bill.com, QuickBooks

Administrators at Match Charter Public School were facing a dilemma: their expense management process was time-consuming and painful. Employees received reimbursements slowly, data input was sometimes inaccurate, and reconciling credit cards was a headache.

They finally decided to ditch the spreadsheets and paper and move to an automated solution with Tallie. The affordability, ease-of-use, efficiency and productivity gains, and fast and easy implementation all made the switch worth it. Seamless integrations with Bill.com and QuickBooks were also a breeze.

In less than a month, the organization immediately saw a return on investment and saved over six hours a month on administrative tasks. Not only did this increase productivity and save time and money, it also decreased stress levels and boosted employee morale.

"Before Tallie, [manageable AMEX reports] were a nightmare," said CFO Anne Healy. Now, it's easy to process employee reimbursements. "[I] love the product and recommend it to anyone who will listen. It's user-friendly with great documentation and syncs with QuickBooks or Bill.com."

Case Study 2: How Vast.com saved 4 to 6 hours a month through automation

Company: Vast.com
Size/type: Medium enterprise
Industry: Computer services
Previous solution: Spreadsheets
Integrations: Bill.com for accounting

Before choosing Tallie as its expense management solution, the team at Vast was struggling with manual spreadsheets, reconciling credit cards, and obtaining approvals from people managers.

Tallie helped Vast's finance team save four to six hours a month by automating expense report submissions. Recording expenses into financial software also had some of the biggest impact on their business.

The company also took advantage of easy reimbursements, seamless integration with their accounting solution, and easy credit card reconciliation.

Case Study 3: How PX Technology LLC went from a disjointed process to seamless reimbursements in less than a month

Company: PX Technology LLC
Size/type: Small business
Industry: Computer software
Previous solution: Paper/manual process, CRM system – Connectwise
Integrations: QuickBooks

The team at PX Technology LLC conducted their expense management through manual processes and CRM, which made processing expenses time-consuming. They needed help to speed up transcribing receipts, implement a better approval process, and reconcile credit cards.

They decided to go with Tallie based on its automation, ease-of-use, and integration with accounting systems and ERP. Once they made the switch, PX Technology found it easy to reimburse employees and manage credit card reconciliation. They also enjoyed the integrations and notable improvement in the finance team's productivity.

Overall, the team saved two to four hours a month after implementing Tallie. The team was happy to have a more efficient, paperless expense reimbursement process. With fast reimbursements and a seamless QuickBooks integration, the result was a much easier reimbursement process — and an immediate return on investment.

The recurring theme between all these organizations? Cutting down on manual input to save time, money, and sanity for their teams. Even if making the switch to expense software feels daunting at first, you may find your teammates will be relieved once they have a better solution in place.

Tallie can help

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