Admin control and compliance

Take the guesswork out of policy enforcement

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Our expense policy rules engine

Corporate expense policies are the backbone of a sound fiscal approach to expense management. With Emburse Tallie's policy rules engine, approvers become policy exception reviewers, rather than policy memorizers.


Automatically flag out-of-policy expenses for employees.

Set rules, such as receipt, project, and other documentation requirements.

Policy violation alerts for approvers and administrators.

Set expense limits based on expense category, spend threshold, billable status, etc.

Two employees looking at Tallie Groups feature

Streamline expense entry with our Groups feature

We recognize that your teams have unique needs. Our Groups feature allows you to customize the categories that each team has to choose from. This keeps things simple for your team while also reducing the amount of reclassification work for the accountants.

Two employees looking at Tallie Groups feature

Smart duplicate detection

Tallie's intelligent automation attacks the problem on several fronts, by accelerating expense submission, eliminating duplicate reimbursement, and preempting policy violations.

Auto-identify duplicate expenses

Quickly merge receipts with imported credit card data

Hide the possible duplicates flag by indicating the expenses are not duplicates

Approvers and administrators always have access to duplicates flag in order to curtail fraud