Small business using Tallie

How small businesses use Emburse Tallie expense report software

Tallie expense management software automates the expense report process, for employees and approvers.

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Capture expenses anywhere

Enable employees to work from anywhere with our user-friendly mobile app.

Tallie reads it for merchant, date and amount then creates an expense line item.

Connect Tallie to your bank account for any credit card, including corporate credit cards. Choose to import groups of charges, or by transaction.

Touch "Start" at the beginning of your trip. When you reach your destination, touch "Stop." Or enter departure and destination addresses after your trip and Tallie will calculate the mileage.

Tallie quickly and accurately reads email receipts. Simply forward receipts from merchants such as Amazon and Uber to Tallie. Tallie will recognize your email address and automatically generate the expense.

Emburse Tallie does the data entry

Tallie processes expenses to create and categorize all items on your expense report.

Tallie uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms to identify key expense data for import in seconds.

Tallie's Duplicate Identification technology matches credit card transactions with receipts.

Tallie bundles your expenses into reports. Drag and drop transactions between reports witha single click.

Tallie learns how to code your transactions based on experience. This saves time and reduces errors.

Review and submit Tallie expenses

Review and submit

Tallie points out potential duplicate transactions and policy violations prior to expenses being submitted. This allows employees to make corrections quickly and reduces the number of rejected expense reports.

Tallie tracks your expenses for strong project account. Customize your expense categories and up to five additional fields including Customer, Job, Class, Department, and Location.

Tallie detects potential duplicates by comparing each receipt with all the expense items in your account.

Set your policies and Tallie will flag the exceptions. For clarity, each exception includes a description of the policy, configured as strict requirements or warnings.

Tallie shows you where each expense report is in the approval process and sends an email confirmation once each report is approved.

How Tallie Works

Approve from anywhere

Managers can view receipts and approve or reject single line items or complete expense reports.

Your team can enter and view source documentation such as receipt images and mileage maps via browser or mobile.

All mapping + coding assigned on expense items can be viewed via email. This ensures a quick, complete review.

Accountants and administrators can edit and annotate reports prior to sending them to the accounting system.

The same supporting documentation, expense policy warnings, and duplicate detection flags are presented to managers for efficient review.

Guide the process every step of the way Tallie

Guide the process every step of the way

With Tallie's Admin Overview, gain a comprehensive view of all system spend. Take control of every expense submission and report to ensure timely processing.

Calculate the real-time total of outstanding spend not yet accrued in your liability accounts to make informed expense forecasts.

Examine expense reports at each stage, understanding which users have outstanding reports and which approvers the company is waiting on for review.

Evaluate levels of compliance at your company by reviewing all policy violations in the system in one place.

Clear bottlenecks by sending users and approvers system-generated reminders to take action or submit and approve reports in their behalf.

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Seamlessly integrate your most important systems

Tallie builds and supports all of its award-winning accounting integrations, providing you with the confidence that every export will be smooth, accurate, and backed-up by experts.

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