Accounts payable & invoice management

Automating accounts payable and purchasing workflows help your team see and manage the full process of requesting, receiving, and invoicing goods and services.

Empower smarter spending

Companies around the world choose Emburse solutions to help humanise work

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Gain control and insight over your spend

Automating your accounts payable and purchasing work flows help teams see what’s beyond the mountains of paper in front of them.
Our automated AP and purchasing solutions tame tedious processes while providing visibility into cash flow. 
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Enable insightful invoice payments

AP teams spend too much of their day putting out fires. Late, incorrectly keyed, duplicate invoice issues waste time and money.
Leverage enhanced efficiency and vendor management to improve cash flow through negotiated discounts and terms.
CFO analyzing vendor spend

Bring order back to ordering

Purchasing is no stranger to putting out fires, either.  A paper-based process involves restricting unapproved orders, matching mysterious invoices to deliveries, correcting errors, and more.

Emburse purchasing solutions return control to the ordering process. Guesswork vanishes throughout the workflow. Replaced, instead, with total visibility of submitted requests and orders received.

How much could you be saving by leveraging Emburse AP solutions?

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Features that make a difference

Each Emburse solution delivers on the promise to simplify and streamline payment and purchasing, thanks to user-friendly features that include:

Work where and whenever you want with an accessible SaaS solution 

Configure approval routings to become more systemaic and streamlined

Provide the tools your team needs to increase control, efficiency, and productivity 

See the stats of every invoice to ensure on-time payments and visibility into obligations

Reduce costs through early payment discounts and data-backed vendor negotiations

Increase oversight and control with an intuitive, online requisition process

Instantly populate invoice data using optical character recognition (OCR) technology

Reconcile orders, packing slips, and payments with intelligent matching capabilities

Punchout to your vendor's e-catalog to save time and simplify the purchasing process

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