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Emburse offers a variety of business travel management solutions and partnerships for every need, from global enterprises with thousands of "road warriors" to small-businesses with occasional, infrequent travellers and everything in between.

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Features that make it easier to manage business travel

All Emburse T&E software solutions include the following:


Link to your ERP, PNR, TMC, expense management solution, and more.


Streamline your travel process with pre-approvals. No more after-the-fact reimbursement decisions!


Automate your corporate travel policies to help employees stay in compliance.


Combine, categorise, and centrally access your T&E data.

All Emburse products come with award-winning service

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. Your success is our number one priority. At Emburse, we know it takes both technology and people to maximise the value to your organization.

More than travel

Emburse Go is part of the Emburse platform. A group of solutions designed to help you optimise spend.

Improving usability leads to more engaged employees and better business outcomes. By optimising critical finance processes, you’re able to better adapt to market changes and position your organisation for greater success.

Lean on our team of spend optimisation experts to bring the same consumer-like experience to every process.

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