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Stress less about T&E

With Emburse, you control travel spend, while travelers get to work with one powerful app instead of dozens. A built-in travel message center helps you stay safe and up-to-date. Emburse Cards give your travellers the convenience of having virtual cards on their Apple Watch, iOS, or Android devices. They can be designated to work in certain areas, helping you reduce the risk of fraud. And, Emburse T&E products make it easy to enter hotel folio information.

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Increase control and reduce travel costs while empowering your employees

Travel can present a key opportunity to close process gaps and improve financial discipline. Emburse travel solutions help you:

  • Keep staff working on tasks that matter instead of researching and booking travel
  • Help employees stay within policy
  • Gather back-end data to understand where staff are staying, how they are spending, and what they are doing during travel
  • Offer employees a single app synchronised to approved providers instead of bouncing between multiple apps and websites
  • Communicate essential travel information, locations, and visa or health requirements through an in-app message center

Features that make it easier to manage business travel

All Emburse T&E software solutions include the following:


Link to your ERP, PNR, TMC, expense management solution, and more.


Streamline your travel process with pre-approvals. No more after-the-fact reimbursement decisions!


Automate your corporate travel policies to help employees stay in compliance.


Combine, categorise, and centrally access your T&E data.

General Mills drives corporate T&E strategy with Emburse Go Premier

Watch how General Mills elevated their travel program with Emburse Go Premier by:

  • Centralising the global T&E experience
  • Providing an easy-to-use app for travellers
  • Supporting customised branding requirements
  • Driving compliance with targeted messaging

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All Emburse products come with award-winning service

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. Your success is our number one priority. At Emburse, we know it takes both technology and people to maximise the value to your organization.

With Emburse, we’ve been able to reduce spending by 20% and reimburse travelers 70% faster.”

Albert Kupfer
Director, Finance and Administration, EMEA OKI Europe