Issue virtual and physical purchasing cards instantly

No more out-of-policy expenses. No more waiting to be reimbursed. Just secure p-cards that keep spending in check.

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Features that make a difference

Each Emburse solution delivers on the promise to simplify and streamline payment and purchasing, thanks to user-friendly features that include:

Virtual cards

Virtual and physical cards with spending rules

Mobile receipts

Mobile receipt capture and reminders


Role-based permissions and approval flows


Automatic expense categorizations

Fraud protection

World-class fraud protection


Real-time insights and reports


Instantaneous funding requests and approval

Pay in a safe, fast way using Emburse Cards with Apple Pay.

Enjoy all the benefits of Emburse Cards using Apple Pay. It’s the easy, secure and, private way to pay.

Emburse Cards app

Solutions for every part of the company

Don't make your employees reach for their personal card. Instead, let them use Emburse Cards to make approved purchases with every expense syncing in real time.

Instead of asking potential recruits to use their own funds to book travel, send them a virtual card with a budget.

Put the freedom of spending in employees’ hands while ensuring financial control – all without sacrificing cash back.

Eliminate the need for submitting expense reports, as that information is all included in the monthly statements.

Emburse Cards on the go

Simplify the expense process for everyone

Each Emburse Card arrives pre­loaded with gran­u­lar spend­ing rules that mir­ror your poli­cies and let you con­trol every pur­chase. Through direct inte­gra­tion, trans­ac­tions auto­mat­i­cal­ly link to a card­hold­er pro­file from the point of sale to expense report.

Emburse Cards on the go

Partnerships to enhance your experience

Work with the right technology and financial institution partners for you.

Easily reimburse international employees with Transferwise

Easily reimburse international employees via Emburse's Partnership with Wise

You can easily reimburse international employees or consultants via Wise's services.

Easily track your company’s expenses on Amazon using Mastercard

Easily track your company’s expenses on Amazon using Mastercard

Each purchase made by your Mastercard on Amazon is itemized and automatically visible in our software.