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Emburse Audit Services

Technology assisted human audit

Rely on our team of expert auditors' independent verification to help you identify fraud, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.

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Financial controls with verification

Emburse Audit

Enforce policy with less effort

Even the best internal controls need verification. Rely on our technology-assisted expert auditors to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance.

Protect your brand – and bottom line

Wasteful or fraudulent spending impacts profitability. It could also damage your reputation and result in a PR nightmare.

Emburse audit enforcement
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Offload enforcement to unbiased experts

Our independent auditors manage exceptions on your behalf so your finance team can focus on more strategic work. 

Catch more non-compliance

Integrated machine learning and artificial intelligence continuously learn from confirmed unauthorized purchases and expenses to catch future instances.

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Features that make a difference:

Emburse Audit delivers on the promise to simplify life at work thanks to friendly features that include:

Mitigate risk

Catch duplicates, errors, and violations before your internal approvers

Reduce spend

Intelligent technology uncovers suspicious activity before payment

Ensure compliance

Validate compliance, even as your policy changes over time

Unbiased reviews

Independent auditors resolve exceptions directly with employees

Cut out wasteful spending

See how offloading your audit lets finance find more strategic opportunities

Intelligent controls

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We’re happy to offer professional services that help us demonstrate a core Emburse value: Customers are at the heart of everything we do.

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Our strategic account advisors have the experience and knowledge to help you succeed.

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Managed Services

We tailor our expert consulting and proactive configuration services to your needs.

“Saved the team up to 24 hours/week”

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The process required for managing expenses in the back office has been simplified by approximately 70%.”

Francisco García
Francisco García
Head of Finance Administration, Schindler