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Travel & Expense Analytics

Insights drive tomorrow’s opportunities

Spend less time aggregating data and more time impacting spending behaviors, policy and strategy. With Emburse travel and expense analytics you can anticipate future spend and manage cash flow.

Person on laptop using Emburse Analytics to access real-time data to improve decision-making, spot trends, and uncover gaps

Data driven decisions start here

Gain the insights you need to forecast, manage cash flow and predict spend:

  • Use dashboard reporting to improve decision-making, spot trends, and uncover gaps
  • Get to the details quickly with drill-down flexibility
  • Easily share dashboards and reports via PDF
  • Leverage a technology-assisted human team to deliver next-level options
  • Apply analytics to improve cash preservation

Self-serve with real-time data

CFOs can self-serve with real-time data, resulting in dashboards that answer questions—even the ones they didn’t know they had. Analytics is the “secret sauce” that helps you maintain a competitive edge by making informed, data-backed business decisions that preserve financial discipline.

How do analytics capabilities level up standard reporting?

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Flat file reports offer one static view of a data set. With the drill-down capabilities of analytics dashboards, explore the data dynamically at different levels of granularity to gain insight into specific spend categories, uncover areas of risk, and understand the underlying factors impacting financial performance.

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Instead of manually running and manipulating a report every time you need to answer a question, gain access to near real-time data to make more informed and timely decisions. No longer rely on potentially outdated information from exported reports; adapt quickly to changing financial conditions with data that is always up to date.



When spend data lives in different systems that don’t talk to each other, creating a holistic view of organizational spend is time-consuming and error prone. Gain a consolidated view of all T&E spend to gain complete spend visibility and effectively manage cash flow.

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Make vast data sets easy to digest and tell a story with utilizing customizable analytics dashboards that distill complex patterns and trends. Identify the top opportunities to change spend policies and drive compliance, detect risky spending behaviors, negotiate with vendors, and increase operational efficiency

Using Emburse Insight Advisor with Emburse Analytics

ISI increased spend control and captured $500k+ in savings within the first three months.

Travel Analytics

Go beyond supplier agreements and discounts to analyze your contracted rates down to the hotel property or air route level, giving you a truer view into how your agreements stack up. Evaluate individual suppliers based on how often they apply the correct corporate discounts and make your fares and rates available to travelers to book.

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Expense Analytics

Centralize your spend data in one user-friendly platform to make taking informed action easy. Digestible, near real-time dashboards get you out of spreadsheets while providing the data stories needed to manage operations, provide automated and consistent reporting, manage cash flow, and anticipate future spending.

Turn data into action

Optimize your working capital and put yourself in the driver’s seat with Emburse Analytics.

  • Negotiate better discounts with vendors

  • Attract investors

  • Drive insights

  • Forecast to manage cash flow and predict spend

  • See all travel in one place

Turn data into action


Services that set Emburse apart

We’re happy to offer professional services that place customers at the center of everything we do.

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We create and deliver content to help you get the most from your solutions and keep you up-to-date on new functionality.

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A team of dedicated analysts is ready to address your questions and support needs.

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Customer Success

Our strategic account advisors have the experience and knowledge to help you succeed.

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Managed Services

We tailor our expert consulting and proactive configuration services to your needs.

Customer success

What our customers love about us

Working with Emburse feels like a true partnership where they really listen to our needs and care about our success and happiness, which is something we didn’t have with Concur.


Dawn Conway

Senior Business Analyst at BELFOR

We now have happier users, and the streamlining of processes and workflows, combined with the improved spend visibility has delivered huge benefits for the firm worldwide.

Latham & Watkins LLP

Neil Ackley

at Latham & Watkins LLP

Emburse Analytics is not only reporting our current data, it is helping us shape our future data.

International Services, Inc.

Athena Gazikas

Senior Expense Administrator at International Services, Inc.

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