Our Mission

Our global mission is to deliver the greatest business value for our customers and make the lives of professionals easier through innovative expense management, business travel, accounts payable, and payment solutions.

Innovative solutions that solve for what’s next.

We get it. Your teams are saddled with inefficient processes and antiquated technology keeping them stuck in the day-to-day with no ability to plan for what’s next.

At Emburse, our goal is to deliver forward thinking innovative solutions that not only help you solve for today, but solve for what’s on the horizon. We make it easy to stay ahead and to see what’s coming so you’re equipped to handle it. We’ve been innovating for the future for a long time. Let’s keep moving, together.

our mission

How we stay true to our mission

Four critical areas of focus ensure that we’re staying true to our commitment:

Keep you at the heart of all we do

Your success motivates us to improve continuously. From delivering new products that simplify the way you work to forming partnerships that enrich your processes, your achievement drives us forward.

Tailor solutions to meet your needs

Your company is unique. Whether you’re an agile startup or a large global enterprise, we have helpful solutions for everyone. We carefully design our solutions to offer immediate value through thoughtful, human-centric designs.

Accelerate innovation with shared technology

Our connected network of technology empowers us to innovate quickly for you, with a build once, deploy everywhere approach. This gives you leading-edge features that add immediate value.

Leverage strategic partnerships

Our expansive network of partners help us enrich your customer experience. They offer valuable integrations and services that further enhance your ability to manage spending while growing the bottom line.

Leading with innovation and driven by customer success

Our leadership team has a proven track record of guiding high-growth companies by consistently focusing on customer success.


Our core values



We are sincere, honest, and transparent, and continually strive to be better - for employees, customers, and partners.



We understand others' needs and feelings, connect on a human level, and see the world through the lens of people first.



We encourage team members to proactively address challenges and develop solutions that meet the needs of our people, customers, and partners.



We celebrate the unique talents, ideas, and thinking that drive us toward innovation, growth, and personal fulfillment.



Working together, within our community and with our customers and partners, results in better outcomes for everyone.

Put our expertise to work

Regardless of your healthcare organizations challenges, we have tailored solutions to help. Let our friendly experts be your guide.