Emburse Finance Appreciation Week
December 6, 2021

Finance team MVPs

Emburse team members share their thoughts on their careers, holiday traditions and the changing world of finance

Craziest expenses of 2021
December 6, 2021

2021 craziest expenses

Our round-up of the wildest expenses that companies approved (or not) in 2021.

Abstract image of a microphone
November 16, 2021

Digitally Transforming Spend Management

Podcast: The biggest misconception is thinking about technology or transformation as a cost center - instead of it being an enabler of growth.

Green cityscape and building
October 27, 2021

The Four Essential Steps to a More Sustainable Business Travel Program

We all know that we need to make travel more sustainable, but it's easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. Starting with the basics and working up will lead to more effective programs, with better employee engagement.

Two women in business suits
October 22, 2021

HR consulting firm optimizes spend with Emburse Analytics

Learn how International Services, Inc. centralized data and improved spend controls with Emburse Analytics, capturing $500k+ in spend within the first three months.

USPS trucks lined up
October 7, 2021

What The USPS Slowdown Could Really Cost Your Organization

An extra two days for mail to get delivered may not seem like a minor inconvenience, but if it's your payments that are being delayed, it could soon get expensive.

Woman happy with her optimized spend
September 15, 2021

Your Finance Team is Working Hard for Your Business - Is Your Corporate Spend Working Just as Hard

Man holding cell phone
September 9, 2021

Don't Just Expense it, Emburse it

It's no longer good enough to give your team outdated, complex software solutions just because that's the way it's always been. It's time to empower your team with modern spend management solutions. It's time to Emburse it.

Small business owner making payments on a laptop
August 19, 2021

Bringing World-class Payments Capabilities to SMBs and Mid-market Companies

Emburse Pay - B2B Payments now enables Emburse Certify customers to massively reduce the amount of manual intervention required to take an invoice from its initial remittance all the way through to reconciliation.

Man in suit stealing money
July 21, 2021

Using Smart Auditing to Outsmart the Expense Fraudsters

Learn how combining a machine learning-based first line of defense, and a team of independent auditors, can stop financial losses as well as red faces among your management team.

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