Emburse Champion Awards

Customers are at the heart of all we do, and your success helps us continuously improve. We’re eager to celebrate your accomplishments with the Emburse Champion Awards.

Recognizing leaders in expense management

Emburse Champions go above and beyond to eliminate time-consuming tasks, making work easier for employees, approvers, and finance. Past recipients were awarded for their proven ability to:

Simplify expense management

Improve user experience

Maximize value and drive smarter business decisions

Enable employees to focus on what matters most

What’s in it for you?

This is an opportunity to highlight the important work you and your team do every day by sharing your unique story. Plus, you’ll earn industry accolades and exciting prizes:*

  • Gain recognition as a thought leader in your field
  • Receive an exclusive prize package valued at $500 USD
  • Be celebrated on social channels and in your peer community

*Terms and Conditions apply

The Emburse Champion experience was an unexpected highlight of my career.

Athena Gazikas

International Services, Inc., 2023 Emburse Champion

There’s an award category for everyone

If you have a success story about using Emburse solutions to drive value at your organization—we want to hear from you! Start gathering success metrics for your award nomination today.

Many fear change. You, on the other hand, are propelled by it. Leveraging your Emburse solutions, you introduced (or navigated) a seismic shift that’s impactful, measurable, and for the betterment of the organization.

The Change Champion:

  • Led team(s) through challenging change management
  • Managed a complex solution implementation/rollout
  • Achieved a significant return on your Emburse investment

As a loud and proud Emburse customer, you never shy away from a chance to speak up about your experiences. You voice your praise, successes, and suggestions to all who’ll listen.

The Advocacy Champion:

  • Stayed active in the Emburse Collective community
  • Engaged in user groups, surveys, Emburse in Motion events, etc.
  • Provided product reviews, feedback, and solution suggestions
  • Participated in Emburse marketing activities or other advocacy initiatives

As a streamlining superstar, you refuse to let the slow way be the only way. Your measurable dedication to efficiency elevated productivity and your team’s focus on higher-value tasks.

The Efficiency Champion:

  • Simplified and expedited complex expense processes
  • Evolved cumbersome, antiquated workflows with agile automation
  • Reduced busy work and delivered massive time savings to the team

You eat, sleep, and breathe spending rules. By leveraging Emburse’s capabilities, you vanquished wasteful spending and fraudulent payments, all while nurturing a cash-fit culture dedicated to protecting policy.

The Spend Control Champion:

  • Gained control and visibility of spending trends
  • Improved spend and payment practices
  • Uncovered savings that positively impacted the bottom line

You’re driven by the belief that the simpler way makes life easier for everyone. This mantra fueled your mission to revolutionize travel and/or expense management into the most positive experience possible.

The Experience Champion:

  • Cut time and costs from T&E processes
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Paved the way for faster reimbursements
  • Drove process adoption and usage

A true dashboard fanatic lets the numbers do all the talking. Your affinity for transforming Emburse expense data into rich, actionable strategies contributed to greater spending awareness and better business outcomes.

The Insights Champion:

  • Identified and acted on savings opportunities
  • Empowered team members to become informed business advisors
  • Improved visibility across expense, AP, travel, digital records, and more

All hail the Archimedes of auditing! Your novel approach to a compliance challenge uncovered and reduced (or eliminated) fraudulent or non-compliant activities negatively impacting the organization.

The Innovation Champion:

  • Initiated an innovative approach to compliance process improvements
  • Creatively reduced fraudulent or non-compliant spending with Emburse solutions
  • Tracked measurable increase in compliance and its impact on the bottom line

Unity opens the door for accuracy and ease. Rather than accepting that expense data exists in different sources, you bridged them to create a singular, insightful, and effective financial database.

The Integration Champion:

  • Implemented Emburse solution integrations
  • Connected disparate finance, accounting, travel, and HCM systems
  • Tracked measurable gains in efficiency, accuracy, time, and data accessibility

Winning an Emburse Champion Award brought to light the great work we do and elevated how our team is perceived at the firm.

Melissa Grant

Hall & Wilcox, 2023 Emburse Champion

*Terms & Conditions

The Emburse Champion Awards program, as described herein, focuses on recognizing thoughtful summaries of impactful or meaningful business experiences and is, therefore, a contest for skill and not for chance (the “Program”). Chance plays no part in determining which nominations will be selected by Emburse. Each nomination will be reviewed by an appointed committee of Emburse employees, no later than the end of Q2 2024, on its merits based on the content in relation to the specific award category or categories identified within the nomination submission. The decisions made by Emburse regarding all aspects of this contest will be final and binding. Further, the Program, subject to applicable law, is available only to current Emburse business customers as of the time of award selection (“Customers”). Customers may nominate themselves and/or their team for up to three Emburse Champion Awards. The nominations selected by Emburse to receive an award will receive a prize package of items via mail (“Rewards”). In lieu of accepting Rewards, Customers may request that Emburse make a donation equivalent to the value of the Rewards to a charity approved by Emburse. It is the Customer’s sole responsibility to abide by any applicable company policy, applicable law, and/or disclosure requirement(s). Customers are also responsible for all applicable taxes, assessments, levies and/or similar amounts imposed by governmental authorities.

By participating in the Program, Customers agree that Emburse may use any part of the nomination submissions to create market-facing testimonial content in digital and/or print format, and attribute testimonial content to the Customer name, title, company name, and company logo. Emburse may summarize and/or expand upon Customers’ application responses to create helpful and clear content. Before publishing or publicizing any Customer nomination submission, Emburse will first share all drafted content with Customers for written approval.