Emburse Cards:
Virtual and Physical Credit Cards

The con­ve­nience you need with the con­trol you require

A rise in remote employ­ees and dig­i­ti­za­tion of work is becom­ing a new norm. Many are pay­ing for busi­ness expens­es out-of-pock­et. Maybe that’s because the shared p‑card is hang­ing out at the office. Maybe you have a new group of employ­ees now incur­ring busi­ness expenses.

Pay­ing for busi­ness expens­es isn’t how every­one wants to use their per­son­al cred­it card. And ask­ing employ­ees to wait any amount of time for reim­burse­ment adds unnec­es­sary pres­sure to their bud­gets at home.

Emburse Cards gives you the pow­er to issue vir­tu­al and phys­i­cal cred­it cards instant­ly. No more out-of-pock­et or out-of-pol­i­cy expens­es. No more wait­ing anx­ious­ly to be reim­bursed. And with com­plete vis­i­bil­i­ty into every dol­lar spent.

Eas­ing out-of-pock­et for everyone

Each Emburse Card arrives pre­loaded with gran­u­lar spend­ing rules that mir­ror your poli­cies and let you con­trol every pur­chase. Through direct inte­gra­tion, trans­ac­tions auto­mat­i­cal­ly link to a card­hold­er pro­file from the point of sale to expense report.

Cre­ate a card. Expire it. Adjust bud­gets. Grow cash­back rewards. Accom­plish every­thing from a sin­gle interface.

Features that make a difference

Emburse Cards deliver on the promise to humanize work for everyone, thanks to user-friendly features that include:

Icon credit cards

Ability to create virtual and physical cards with spending rules

Icon mobile receipt

Mobile receipt capture and reminders

Icon role

Role-based permissions and approval flows

Icon automation

Automatic expense categorizations

Icon protection

World-class fraud protection

Icons mobile expense

Apple Wallet and Android Pay ready

Icon graph

Real-time insights and reports

Find the solution that’s right for you

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