Transform data into actionable insights with Emburse Insight Advisor

Insight Advisor provides pro-level analytics with a tailored, human touch.

A designated team of experts assists in turning your data into actionable
insights. They can help with everything from hands-on Emburse Analytics
training to setting up secure data access filtering. Your team is also
available to assist in creating key performance indicator reports to reduce
costs and drive efficiency.

The benefits of upgrading to Emburse Analytics Pro

Features that make a difference

Dashboards Built For Spend logo

Dashboards Built For Spend

With standard dashboards included in Emburse Analytics, spend trends are easily understood, making analysis even faster.

Drill Down Into Details logo

Drill Down Into Details

With a click, you can dig into areas of concern and see what caused spend spikes or specific expenses that impacted overall budgets. No more investigations via email with attached spreadsheets, see everything in a couple of clicks.

Share Via Pdf logo

Share Via Pdf

Spend dashboards and any reports can be saved and shared in an easy to consume PDF format. Stop spending hours a month building out trending spend reports, just download, save, and share.