Travel data is more critical than ever

It seems that everything has changed these past few years. It is now more important than ever to know where your travelers have been and where they’re going. Emburse Analytics Pro helps you make sense of new travel patterns and volumes, enhance travel policies and much more.

You can’t act upon what you don’t know. Optimize your travel program, enhance duty of care, and reduce your T&E and meeting spend with Emburse.
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Emburse Analytics Pro Travel gets you answers

Critical T&E questions to answer before going back to the new normal of business travel

Duty of care

Where have your travelers been? Where are they going?

Corporate travel budget

What should your new corporate travel budgets be?

Renegotiate travel

What information do you use to renegotiate with your suppliers?

Travel spend

How is your business travel spend ramping up?

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Say bon voyage to spreadsheets!

Obtaining mission critical data from disparate spreadsheets just won’t work. You need a single view into all your T&E spend. Emburse Analytics Pro Travel allows companies to make informed decisions through accurate, current data and insights of your travel spend.
Now, with Emburse, you can have the whole picture of your travelers’ behavior and their T&E spend to help answer the toughest business questions as you recover to the new normal.
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Features that make a difference

Emburse Analytics Pro Travel matches data science and machine learning with intuitive visualizations to provide a complete view of a Company’s T&E spend. We make it easy to spot issues and opportunities that you may not see. 

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Quality data

Data that's not accurate or current can lead you to the wrong conclusions. That's why our data scientists are so committed to quality. All data that we collect is normalized using advanced machine learning to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Multiple data sources icon

Multiple sources

You won't believe the different places we can find useful data. Expense reports, travel agency data and credit card data are just the tip of the iceberg. Our platform connects to all the most common data sources plus many more you may have never thought of; giving you a complete view of all travel related charges.

Insights icon

Actionable insights

Most companies have hundreds of reports that identify trends in narrow silos. Emburse breaks down these silos, looking across departments and breaking constraints. We give you the whole picture and our data helps you to answer the most difficult business questions.

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Compelling visualizations

The right data tells a story, and stories are always better with illustrations. Emburse's easy-to-use tools will take your data, assemble it and give you the visualizations you need to tell your story in a manner that's informative and compelling.

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Humanize your travel program

Emburse empowers our customers to optimize their travel programs, enhance duty of care, and decrease their T&E spend by unlocking the potential of their data, providing insights and intelligence that they never knew they had.

Deliver real, actionable insight

We believe that data organization and visualization are key principles to a successful business. We have deep knowledge of multiple industries, including travel, and are uniquely aware that companies have been at a disadvantage for years due to the lack of tools that deliver real, actionable insight.
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We start with data

It all starts with the data. We take our processes of data collection, data cleansing, quality monitoring and management very seriously. Our team is fanatical about keeping data clean and architecting our data warehouse for performance and accuracy. When the data is right, then making it visible in new and valuable ways becomes the easy part.
Make data cleaning simple

We listen to our customers and continually enhance our solutions to meet their needs. Our agile approach allows us to quickly make changes and develop new features as market demands change.