Our Mission

We humanize work

Our mission is to help make our users’ lives—and their businesses—better. We humanize work by automating manual tasks and saving users’ time, so they can focus on what matters most—their family, community, or more rewarding work.

For us, that means developing:
• Solutions that eliminate daunting tasks through automation
• Innovative technologies to transform how you manage spending
• Features that create simplicity, cost savings and happier employees

How we stay true to our mission

Four critical areas of focus ensure that we’re staying true to our commitment:

Keep you at the heart
of all we do

Your success motivates us to improve continuously. From delivering new products that simplify the way you work to forming partnerships that enrich your processes, your achievement drives us forward.

Tailor solutions to meet
your needs

Your company is unique. Whether you’re an agile startup or a large global enterprise, we have helpful solutions for everyone. We carefully design our solutions to offer immediate value through thoughtful, human-centric designs.

Accelerate innovation
with shared technology

Our connected network of technology empowers us to innovate quickly for you, with a build once, deploy everywhere approach. This gives you leading-edge features that add immediate value.

Leverage strategic

Our expansive network of partners help us enrich your customer experience. They offer valuable integrations and services that further enhance your ability to manage spending while growing the bottom line.

Trusted by leading companies around the world

Read how we helped customers humanize work at their organizations:

“Chrome River saves us time, so we can focus on our mission of building and improving communities around the world.”

-Shelton Palmer, Expense and Card Administrator
Austin Powder

“Captio helps us process expense reports 75% faster so we can focus on more strategic work.”

-Anna Comajuncosa, Head of Finance and Controlling
Jungheinrich España

“Nexonia is very, very customer-centric, and that goes all the way from the top right through to their customer service. Needless to say, we’ve been very pleased.”

-Tammy Bunting, CFO
Preston Trail Community Church

“Certify has saved countless hours for the AP team and for associates submitting reports. We have more time to focus on upholding our travel policy and making sure associates get a timely and accurate reimbursement.”

-Kristi Bobek, Accounts Payable Supervisor
Garmin International

“Employees love the simplicity and ease of the Abacus system. And as an administrator, I love the functionality of seeing expenses in real time.”

-Matt Hagel, Controller

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