Making Life Even Easier for our Amazon Business Customers

Omar Qari
Omar Qari
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Emburse enables any Amazon Business customer to automatically create line item expenses whenever they make a purchase.

I’m delighted to announce that we’re launching a major new benefit for Amazon Business users. This will make the process of submitting and reconciling Amazon Business even easier for Emburse customers.

Over the past year, we’ve seen a huge shift in the most popular vendors submitted through our expense solutions. As business travel declined and working from home became ubiquitous, traditional travel vendors were replaced by Amazon as the number one merchant that we saw. At the same time, there was a significant move from employees purchasing items through their personal Amazon accounts to their employer’s Amazon Business accounts. Leveraging Amazon Business enables organizations to streamline payment methods and delivery locations, restrict products that can be purchased, and set up approval workflows.

Even as business travel begins to reemerge, it’s clear that Amazon Business will remain a dominant force in corporate non-capital spend. One challenge that we found with Amazon Business purchases, however, is that multi-item transactions still required line item data to be manually entered as individual expenses. For individuals making major purchases, this can become a time-consuming process. 

As part of Emburse’s ongoing mission to humanize work, we wanted to ensure that the process of capturing and submitting this spend for reimbursement or corporate card reconciliation is as seamless as possible. As soon as an Emburse customer’s employee makes a purchase on Amazon Business using a personal or corporate card, an itemized receipt of their purchase is sent to the expense wallet associated with their email address. This works for both corporate cards and personal cards - debit and credit.

This process eliminates the need for any manual data to be entered, which speeds up the submission and approval process, minimizes the chance for keystroke errors, and also reduces the potential for fraudulent purchase to be submitted for reimbursement.

We continue to work closely with our partners to develop solutions that automate as much of expense processes as possible for both end users and those on corporate finance and travel teams, while providing a secure environment that minimizes the possibility of fraudulent or out-of-policy spend. With this new move, our goal of fully-automated, real-time expenses moves a step nearer reality. I look forward to sharing more exciting new innovations in the coming months.

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