Remix Your Expense Data With Export Builder

Introducing an easy-to-use CSV template builder that lets you export data instantly ready for upload into Sage, Dynamics, Oracle, or any other platform.

[intro]Introducing a CSV template creator that helps you export the exact data you want in the format you need.[/intro]Getting data out of your expense management system is easy. Uploading it somewhere else is a challenge. Preparing a CSV for upload into accounting software is often a labor-intensive process. Even if you’re able to export the data you actually want, you still need to delete columns and manually format data. It’s either a waste of your time or a costly waste of someone else’s. Today, Abacus is changing that. Export Builder is the first ever interface that lets customers format and edit the precise CSV template they want, down to the level of individual expenses. No coding, no deletion, no second-guessing. With Export Builder, Abacus has made it drag-and-drop easy to customize data exports ready for any destination or use case.

Eliminate the overhead from CSV formatting

Abacus still integrates directly with solutions like NetSuite, Intacct, QuickBooks, Salesforce, and more. With those integrations, Abacus simply plugs in and automatically syncs data in the background. No manual work necessary. But the world of accounting software is vast. Some systems don’t support API integration at all, and many require data to be uploaded in unique formats. Even ERPs within the same product line have different standards for uploading data. Right now, formatting those CSVs costs too much time and money. You either need to spend hours deleting data from a spreadsheet, or pay thousands of dollars to an implementation consultant, or basically learn how to code—just to get your data out. All of it adds up to a massive overhead. Unfortunately, it’s the only way to tie your systems together. At Abacus, we’re always looking for ways to cut overhead from legacy workflows. With Export Builder, we set out to streamline this process the same way we eliminated the hassle from submitting expenses.

How customers take control

Export Builder empowers you, the customer, to put the data you need in the format you need it. No matter what system or use case you’re exporting to, Export Builder allows you to produce correctly-formatted CSVs as easily as you might print a PDF.

Step 1: Customize your own export templates

Export Builder’s user-friendly interface frees you to build and save export templates yourself. No outside help needed. Formatting a CSV template in Export Builder is easy. Drag and drop to order the columns and name each one whatever you want. Combine two columns into one. Set up special characters and separators with the concatenation tool. Export dates in any format you need. Export Builder comes pre-loaded with templates formatted for major accounting systems like Sage, Dynamics, and Oracle, but every template is customizable. There is no CSV format Export Builder doesn’t support. Once you’ve built your template, give it a name and save it. You’re always able to go back and edit any template.  

Step 2: Isolate the data you want.

Because Abacus doesn’t trap expenses in expense reports, you can sort and aggregate spending data in an extremely granular way. No matter what dataset you’re looking to export, it’s quick and easy to isolate down to the level of individual transactions using Live Reports. Include anything you want in your CSV export: project codes, the total spent in a given category, you name it. Once you’ve got the data you want in a Live Report, simply click ‘Export,’ select one of your custom CSV templates from a drop-down menu, and you’ll download the file.  

Make your data portable

Export Builder is a simple and reliable way to connect your systems without any of the manual work or external help required to format CSV exports. Whether you’re uploading to software or building a super-custom Excel spreadsheet, Export Builder ensures that every CSV file Abacus exports is ready for upload right away. It’s one more way Abacus is leading the way in expense reporting innovation, and helping you spend time on truly valuable work. Pro and Enterprise customers can access Export Builder under the Account & Settings tab. To learn more about Export Builder, click here.
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