Streamlining Construction Firms’ Employee Expenses with Emburse and Trimble Viewpoint ERP

James Moncarz
James Moncarz
Construction worker using a smartphone

We're making it easier for construction companies to manage their expense and control spending with this new integration with Emburse Chrome River

The construction industry can be very susceptible to changing economic conditions. In fact, “new home starts” is a key leading indicator of the overall health of the economy. So it’s not surprising that construction companies need to keep a close eye on finances in both good times and bad. In up economies, cash needs to be carefully managed and invested to tide organizations over for the fallow times that are sure to be on the horizon. During uncertain times like these, where high interest rates and a widely-forecast recession both loom large, spend optimization is even more critical.

As such, tailored solutions like Trimble’s Viewpoint ERPs are incredibly powerful tools, as they are designed specifically to help construction companies more effectively manage their resources. But even with a sophisticated, industry-focused ERP solution deployed in an organization’s finance team, it can still be hard to manage employee spend without robust tools out in the field. With a large number of construction employees using mobile phones far more than laptops, making it easy for them to capture receipts and submit expense reports means giving them an expense platform that works just as well on a phone as a laptop.

This is why we’re especially happy to announce our latest ERP integration, with Trimble’s Viewpoint Spectrum and Vista. The integration, powered by Trimble Data Xchange and available on the Data Xchange marketplace, ensures that all employee expense data is automatically exported directly from Emburse Chrome River into the Viewpoint ERP solution, without the need for additional integration. With an automatic two-way sync, users can expect faster expense reconciliation and a drastic reduction of errors being introduced into the process.

By launching these integrations into Viewpoint, Emburse is helping our construction customers to minimize errors and speed up the reconciliation process, which can lead to tangible cost savings. Our goal has always been to humanize work, and by automating a process that has previously required a number of manual steps, we’re able to free finance admins to focus on more high-level, value-generating tasks. My counterpart at Trimble Data Xchange, Partnerships Executive Steve Hellin, sums the benefits of this integration up nicely:

“Expense management is an incredibly nuanced process that can take on a life of its own within each organization. We’re proud to help make Emburse Chrome River an accessible part of the overall technology stack available to the world of construction. Thanks to Trimble Data Xchange, Viewpoint customers can now confidently consider Emburse Chrome River for their expense management without major concerns about its ability to connect with and act as an extension of their accounting system.” 

If you work in the construction industry and would like to learn more about how this integration could benefit your company, click here for more information.

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