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College selected Emburse to automate, centralize, and scale expense management


Centennial College used paper travel request forms that required manual entry and approver sign-off, and its home-grown expense system posed significant challenges in terms of efficiency and control. AP manually keyed and validated each expense, and without automatic routing and approval workflows, expense reports often took over a month to be processed, frustrating travelers waiting for reimbursement.

As the college grew and increased the number of traveling staff and corporate credit card users, the team recognized a need for scalable process improvements around expense management. They wanted to enhance the experience for travelers, approvers, and finance, with the primary goals of increasing mobility, compliance, and efficiency. Emburse checked all the boxes.

Emburse solution

Emburse automated end-to-end expense management processes and eliminated the need for AP to enter data and validate policy compliance. Built-in rules and compliance warnings flag policy issues prior to submission, and corporate credit card transactions are automatically matched for faster reconciliation.

As a result, expense reimbursement processing times drastically improved, going from four to eight weeks with the prior system, to just two weeks with Emburse. Users are delighted with the streamlined approval and reimbursement processes, and find the solution agile and intuitive to use from any device. Favorite mobile features include email approvals, direct receipt upload via mobile app, and automatic transaction data extraction.

Centennial College integrated its Emburse expense solution with its Ellucian Banner ERP system, enabling AP to easily generate ACH payments for employees with just a few clicks. By eliminating manual bottlenecks, the team can focus on more strategic tasks to support the institution’s growth.

“We wanted a solution that would delight users. Emburse’s UI is fresh and clean, and makes submitting expense reports not only easy, but fun!” – Isaac Salameh, Sr. Project Manager


Download the full story detailing how Centennial College automated, centralized, and scaled expense management with Emburse.

  • Optimized AP resources by eliminating manual tasks
  • Delighted travelers with 200%+ faster reimbursement
  • Empowered users with mobile capabilities
  • Integrated expense, card, and ERP processes