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“The addition of Emburse Analytics has helped us uncover savings in multiple areas, while making our internal teams much more efficient.”

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With over 700 field employees, International Services, Inc. (ISI) consistently processed a high volume of expenses, but the finance team struggled to report on key metrics required from leadership. Athena Gazikas, senior expense administrator at ISI, knew how vital it was for expense data to be easily accessible—yet her team spent hours every week compiling data in a primarily manual process, often unable to accurately report on critical metrics. Looking to optimize their reporting process and use data more strategically across the business, she turned to Emburse Analytics Advisor which includes Emburse Analytics Pro.

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The Emburse Analytics Advisor team began by understanding ISI’s top reporting priorities, then built analytics dashboards to provide that visibility. The preferred vendors dashboard helps ISI illuminate out-of-channel leakage, and the audit dashboard helps them identify areas that need policy revision to increase spend control. Within the first three months of implementing Emburse Analytics, ISI captured more than $500k in spend which helped quantify the value of their expense management solution. They’ve also realized significant efficiency gains by automating processes, resulting in faster, more accurate expense reviews and reporting. This allows finance to focus on more strategic work and elevate their impact within the organization. Going forward, ISI will leverage Emburse Analytics to negotiate better terms with vendors, establish internal benchmarking, and create a more responsible spend culture.

Emburse Analytics exceeded our expectations. Not only does it help us recover significant savings and work more efficiently, but it enables us to quantify the value of our expense management solution.”

Athena Gazikas
Senior Expense Administrator


Download the full success story for more details on how ISI achieved the following benefits:

  • Saved $2m annually since switching to Emburse solutions
  • Captured $500k+ in spend within the first three months with improved analytics
  • Centralized spend data to support strategic business decisions and improve spend control
  • Automated expense processes, resulting in 300% faster reviews and more accurate reporting
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