VoteRiders achieved ROI within three months and saved finance 20 hours per month

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“We made it easier to volunteer for VoteRiders by using Emburse Spend to broaden access to organizational funds and reduce the need for personal reimbursements.”

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Industry Non-profit
Employees 22
Client since 2022
Solution Emburse Spend


Before partnering with Emburse, VoteRiders had a completely manual expense management process that relied on both employees and volunteers submitting spreadsheets with expense information and receipt images.

This process was not only difficult to manage and track for financial audits, but also placed an undue burden on staff and volunteers waiting for out-of-pocket reimbursements. Shane Epps, Operations Manager at VoteRiders, selected Emburse Spend to replace the manual expense management process, make receipt capture and submission simple, and broaden access to organizational funds without losing control.

Emburse Solution

VoteRiders was impressed with the personal attention they received during their Emburse Spend implementation, which enabled them to quickly adopt and utilize the software. Emburse Spend’s mobile app made it simple for users to capture and submit receipts with every transaction, and system-built rules automatically enforced policy compliance.

Finance began paying expenses via virtual card, greatly reducing the amount of checks that needed to be processed and increasing payment security. As a result, they saved 20 hours per month. With access to virtual cards, volunteers no longer relied on submitting personal expenses for reimbursement, increasing the likelihood that they would start and continue helping the organization.


Download the case study for more details on how VoteRiders achieved the following outcomes:

  • Saved finance 20 hours per month

  • Achieved ROI within 3 months

  • Drastically reduced receipt submission lag

  • Eliminated manual expense management process

Downloadable case study PDF - 352 KB