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Garmin gained efficiency, visibility, and eight extra hours per week


As a global positioning satellite technology leader, Garmin International, Inc. (Garmin) charted a course for worldwide success, yet was stuck with outdated spreadsheets and manual expense reporting processes. Expenses were burdensome for the AP team to manage, and employees had to endure lengthy delays and paperwork just to be reimbursed for business expenses they had already incurred out-of-pocket. Making the process easier for employees was a key factor in implementing Emburse.

Emburse Solution

Since implementing Emburse, Garmin has enjoyed significant improvements in the expense report review and approval process, while users benefited from the convenience of the mobile app. By digitalizing processes, Garmin improved spend visibility and enabled AP to monitor and report expenses more efficiently. Streamlined workflows ensure a timely and accurate review process. System-built rules identified duplicate expenses in minutes versus AP sorting and reviewing manually. By integrating with its ERP system, Garmin reduced manual data entry, giving the AP team eight hours back per week for more critical tasks. Additionally, they added ACH direct deposit to expedite reimbursement and eliminate the need for paper checks.

"The service we receive from our account representative is superb. We feel we’re a valued customer and appreciate the dedication to making our experience an enjoyable one.” – Kristi Bobek, Accounts Payable Supervisor


Download the case study to learn more about how Garmin drove ROI with Emburse.

  • Saved AP eight hours per week by eliminating manual tasks
  • Mitigated risk of duplicate expenses with automated rules
  • Increased visibility and control of expenses
  • Expedited reimbursement for 2,300+ users by offering mobile capabilities and ACH direct deposit