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General Mills drives corporate T&E strategy with Emburse Go Premier


With employee experience top-of-mind, General Mills sought to enhance their corporate T&E program. Implementing a mobile travel companion application was key. They wanted an easy-to-use app that would support global employees before, during, and after business travel. Customization was important in terms of app branding as well as messaging capabilities. Emburse Go Premier checked all the boxes.

Emburse Solution

Leveraging Emburse Go Premier, General Mills built a custom-branded, traveler-centric app. The app is a one-stop-shop where employees can quickly and easily find all pertinent travel information to help them feel safe, supported, and well-informed. Rex Heineman, Global Travel & Expense Manager, led the implementation. “Emburse Go Premier is categorized in a very intuitive way. It’s customizable to our locations and the information we want our employees to know. It links to our online booking tool, expense system, travel policies, and provides local maps and safety information in one central place.”

Emburse Go Premier empowers General Mills to drive policy compliance and control expenses. The corporate travel team communicates with travelers in real-time, pushing messages to remind them to make purchase decisions within policy. Messaging can be customized to target individuals based on past purchases, travel behavior, and expense data. Additionally, the team uses the app to gather feedback from travelers to identify opportunities to further enhance their T&E program and optimize employee experience.

"Emburse Go Premier makes travel simple, seamless, and not time-consuming so our employees can focus on their main job – manufacturing, selling, and marketing our products.” — Rex Heineman, Global Travel & Expense Manager


Download the case study for more details about how General Mills elevated their travel program with Emburse Go Premier by:

  • Centralizing the global T&E experience
  • Providing an easy-to-use app for travelers
  • Supporting customized branding requirements
  • Driving compliance with targeted messaging