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Hall & Wilcox

Hall & Wilcox saves 20 hours per month with Emburse


Prior to Emburse, Hall & Wilcox used two disconnected systems for expense and invoice management. The solutions lacked integration with their financial system and offered limited automation features – so it was still a largely manual process to validate spend data. Looking to gain efficiencies, drive compliance and eliminate mundane tasks, the firm upgraded to Emburse Chrome River.

Emburse Solution

Hall & Wilcox’s selection was driven by several factors. They felt that Emburse offered the most innovative and scalable solutions compared to other providers in the market. The firm was impressed with Emburse’s collaborative approach to working with customers, as well as their excellent reputation within the legal industry. Melissa Grant, the firm’s Financial Controller, led the implementation and touted the level of collaboration and guidance from the Emburse team. “Emburse listens to our needs and works with us to find the best solutions for our business.”

With Emburse, Hall & Wilcox has improved compliance and eliminated the risk of duplicate data and the need for manual validation. Integration with their financial system has streamlined expense and invoice processing. Finance has recovered 20 hours per month that can now be spent on higher-value work to support the firm’s growth; they can also manage a greater volume of expenses and invoices without increasing headcount.

Users have benefited from the solutions’ mobile capabilities. They can easily submit expense reports and invoices from their mobile device, and managers can approve directly via email. This saves significant time, expedites reimbursements, and has resulted in happier employees.

Emburse has a very collaborative, human approach to working with customers, and sincerely wants us to succeed.”

Melissa Grant

Financial Controller


Download the case study for more details on how Hall & Wilcox drove value with Emburse and achieved the following benefits:

  • Saved finance 20 hours per month
  • Supported the firm’s growth
  • Improved compliance with automated rules
  • Humanized work by eliminating manual tasks