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Hinshaw Case

National law firm switched from Concur to Emburse


Hinshaw & Culbertson’s paper-based accounting processes were not scalable. They implemented Concur to automate expense management but soon found that the solution was limited in its capabilities and not suited for the complex rules and billing needs required in a legal environment.

Additionally, the firm was still managing invoices manually. With 3,200 invoices per month, the AP team was burdened with tedious data entry and auditing tasks. The process was inefficient and error-prone. Seeking a better solution for both expense and invoice management, Hinshaw switched to Emburse.

Emburse Solution

Tisha Swihart, Director of Accounting at Hinshaw, was impressed with Emburse’s ability to build custom configurations, rules, and integrations to meet the firm’s requirements. “We switched to Emburse because Concur could not provide the flexibility we needed. The fact that Emburse has expertise in the legal industry was a huge bonus.” In addition, the rules builder functionality enables them to easily modify the system to address evolving needs and drive compliance.

Hinshaw implemented credit card integrations and electronic invoicing to streamline AP processes and increase spend control and visibility. As a result, the firm expedited client billing for more timely payments and reduced invoice processing time by 90%, going from 10 minutes per invoice to less than two minutes.

The AP team gained significant time back for more strategic work. They are eager to explore additional areas for optimization, such as implementing B2B vendor payments and leveraging Emburse Analytics data to build more robust travel policies and negotiate better vendor rates.

Emburse exceeded our expectations and we are eager to continue to use the new products and features they’re rolling out.”

Tisha Swihart

Director of Accounting


Download the case study for more details on how Hinshaw:

  • Reduced invoice processing time by 90%
  • Expedited client billing with card integrations
  • Reduced risk and increased spend visibility
  • Enabled higher-value AP work