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Jotun improved spend controls and expedited reimbursement


Jotun is one of the world’s leading paints and coatings manufacturers, with 10,000 employees that generate 80,000 expense reports annually. But with more than a dozen disconnected spend management solutions operating in various countries, finance had limited visibility into spending. Lack of standard processes around expense approvals posed significant risk and complicated the audit. Jotun’s finance team knew they needed to find a better solution.

Emburse Solution

By consolidating spend management systems to one unified solution with Emburse, Jotun achieved a return on their investment within the first year. Built-in rules automatically enforced compliance, standardized processes globally, and eliminated duplicate entries and out-of-policy expenses—which resulted in a much more reliable and efficient audit. Additionally, it enabled Jotun to reduce risk, recover savings, and increase spend controls.

Approvers and finance gained full visibility into spend data with easily accessible reports and dashboards. Insights from Emburse Analytics will help the team identify areas for additional savings and opportunities for vendor negotiations.

From a user perspective, Emburse provided a modern mobile solution that saved employees time and effort so they could focus on impactful work, rather than cumbersome expense reporting tasks. Automated approval routing and email approval capabilities expedited expense approval and reimbursement processes, which contributed to a drastically improved user experience.

We went from having 13 standalone expense management systems and numerous other Excel variations to one unified, global solution with Emburse.”

Hamish Waddell

Global Finance Process Manager


Download Jotun’s case study for all the details on how they:

  • Achieved ROI within the first year
  • Standardized spend management globally
  • Increased spend controls and visibility
  • Expedited reimbursement of 80K expense reports annually