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Pace University centralizes expense auditing with Emburse Audit


As a legacy Emburse customer, Pace University knew the benefits of spend management automation, yet struggled with a primarily manual audit process. They implemented a third-party audit solution to address this challenge, but because it lacked integration with their Emburse expense solution, it actually resulted in more issues. Expense items were often flagged incorrectly or not at all, creating more work for AP to audit and spot-check what the two disconnected systems missed.

When they heard about Emburse’s new solution, Emburse Audit, which fully integrates with Emburse expense solutions and includes both technology and human audit components, they couldn’t wait to switch.

Emburse Solution

An immediate benefit of upgrading to Emburse Audit was the automatic integration. The rules that existed within the university’s Emburse expense solution integrated seamlessly into Emburse Audit. This streamlined the entire expense auditing process, eliminated manual audit work, and reduced time spent on the audit by more than half.

Emburse Audit’s technology-assisted human auditing service provided Pace with an additional level of confidence. Any expense items the system flags as non-compliant automatically get sent to a human auditor for further review; independent auditors then work directly with employees to resolve issues with little to no involvement from Pace’s AP team. This new process encourages employees to submit more accurate expense reports, which has significantly reduced the volume of returned expenses while creating a more responsible spend culture.

Emburse Audit’s tech-assisted human auditors are like an extension of our AP team. The technology catches compliance issues, and the independent auditors manage those exceptions directly with users. This saves us significant time.”

Regina Beatty

Director, Accounts Payable


Download the full success story for more details on how Pace University centralized expense and audit processes within a single, fully connected platform to achieve the following benefits:

  • Eliminated 100% of manual auditing
  • Reduced spot-checking by 75%
  • Cut time spent on the audit by 50%+