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PizzaExpress streamlined spend management for more accurate cash flow projections


Digital transformation was a company-wide focus at PizzaExpress. As part of this initiative, they wanted to automate and digitize their manual, paper-based financial processes.

They implemented Emburse’s enterprise expense and invoice management solutions, as well as Emburse Cards. According to Olga Pavlova-Grebliauske, Finance Systems Manager at PizzaExpress, Emburse’s suite of solutions provided the spending controls they needed.

Emburse Solution

PizzaExpress built rules within the system to automatically enforce compliance, which saved finance significant time for higher-value work. Emburse mobile features improved the user experience by enabling employees to submit expense reports, purchase orders, and invoices from any mobile device—saving them time and effort. System-driven workflows simplified the approval process, resulting in twice as frequent employee reimbursement.

Emburse purchase order features and ERP integrations increased spend controls and data visibility—streamlining the audit and enabling more accurate budget projections. Additionally, PizzaExpress leveraged Emburse Cards to mitigate financial risk and unify their expense and payment processes. Since adding Emburse Cards, the team handles twice the volume of expense reports with increased efficiency.

Emburse provided system-driven compliance, automation, and digitization, resulting in a more streamlined audit process and more accurate cash flow projections.”

Olga Pavlova-Grebliauske

Finance Systems Manager


Download the case study for more details on how PizzaExpress transformed financial processes, and why they were selected as a 2023 Emburse Champion Awards Winner.

  • Saved time and costs through automation
  • Improved spend control and visibility
  • Doubled the frequency of spend reimbursement
  • Processed 200% more expense reports