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Vita Plus reduced system costs by 50% and expedited reimbursement by 14 days


Vita Plus manually processed over 250 expense reports per month, including mileage reimbursement. Seeking to automate T&E processes, the company implemented a web-based system which, over time, became too complex for users to adopt easily. Vita Plus switched to Emburse to lower costs and simplify travel and expense management.

Emburse solution

Vita Plus employees found Emburse faster and easier to use than the prior solution. It was straightforward to implement and required minimal training for users to become proficient.

Mobile capabilities saved significant time for field employees and enabled more timely expense report submissions and faster reimbursements, while system-built rules automatically improved compliance. Corporate card, ACH, and general ledger integrations provided greater visibility into spending and an easier reconciliation process for accounting.

“Employees can figure it out on their own, and that includes everyone from our accountants to our truck drivers.” – Deb Messinger, Controller


Download the case study for a closer look at how Vita Plus achieved the following results:

  • 50% savings with lower-cost system
  • 14-day faster reimbursement times
  • Simplified T&E processes and improved employee experience
  • Increased visibility for easier and more accurate reconciliation